Affugter med berøringspanel, fugtindikator, uv-lampe, luftionisator, vandbeholder fungerer på badeværelset. Lufttørrer

Hvad skal man gøre, når en affugter blæser kølig luft

A dehumidifier is an electrical device that helps remove excess moisture from the air. It is beneficial, especially in humid climates, because it aids the expulsion of dust and moisture ... Læs Mere

Affugter til haveværelset - Effekterne af kondens og hvordan en affugter hjælper

Water vapor is undetectable until it condenses, frequently occurring on window surfaces and garden rooms. These little drops of water that we notice on household and garden room surfaces are ... Læs Mere
Funktionsprincip for affugter

Hvorfor din affugter blæser varm luft

A dehumidifier works by removing moisture from the air through evaporation or condensation. The process begins when the unit turns on and blows air into the room. As the air ... Læs Mere
bedste affugter til kølerum

Sådan vælger du den rigtige størrelse af en affugter til et værelse

Dehumidifiers are excellent at removing excess moisture and lowering the rate at which hazardous mold and mildew grow. However, the market offers different dehumidifiers with varying costs and capabilities. We’ll ... Læs Mere
Almindelig affugter i krybekælder

Fordele ved at bruge en krybepladsaffugter

The crawl space is useful for various things, including access to plumbing, electrical wiring, heating, and cooling systems without having to dig up the ground. It is also possible to ... Læs Mere
Ting, du skal overveje, før du køber under husaffugter og fordelene ved at installere en

Ting, du skal overveje, før du køber under husaffugter og fordelene ved at installere en

Before purchasing a dehumidifier, it’s a good idea to inspect your crawl area. This is because, while a dehumidifier can solve most moisture-related issues, it has its limitations. This will ... Læs Mere
Affugter med berøringspanel, fugtindikator, uv-lampe, luftionisator, vandbeholder fungerer på badeværelset. Lufttørrer

Rollen af Air Clean Affugter

Clean air inside our homes and buildings is essential in today’s environment of outdoor pollution. As a result, using appliances and technologies that can clean the air is essential. Dehumidifiers ... Læs Mere
Kvinde, der ser på skimmelsvamp på væggen

Alt, hvad vi ved om risikoen for skimmelsvamp derhjemme

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Mold will grow in places with a lot of moisture, such as around leaks in roofs, windows, or pipes, or where ... Læs Mere

Sådan afkøler du dit værelse med en affugter

A dehumidifier may be suitable to chill your home while removing excess moisture. The water collected in a tank can be removed through a connected drain pipe. By reducing humidity ... Læs Mere
En Insomniac's guide til affugtere

Hvorfor du skal bruge en affugter til hele huset

Do you have concerns about having too much dampness in your basement or house? Do you have a musty odor in your basement? Or have allergies flared up when the ... Læs Mere
delvist syn-mandlige-kvinde-hænder

Alt om klimaændringer: varme, temperatur og fugtighedsniveauer

Even though many people think about rising temperatures and extreme heat when we talk about climate change, the reality is that climate change involves much more than that. Researchers have argued ... Læs Mere
støjsvag affugter

Luftrenser vs. Affugter – alt hvad du behøver at vide

It is common to feel sick in your seemingly clean home. If this is the case, pollutants in the air may be to blame. However, you don’t have to be ... Læs Mere
Par har det dårligt hjemme efter sommervarme

De mest almindelige luftfugtighedsniveauer i hjemmet, der kan udløse allergier

The link between moisture/humidity and allergies is well documented. For example, moisture encourages the growth of mold, both indoor and outdoor. Dust mites also love humid air. All these could trigger ... Læs Mere
luftforurening over byen

Alt du behøver at vide om indendørs luftkvalitet

Did you know that air pollution is responsible for about seven million deaths every year worldwide? Even though many people think that we are only exposed to air pollution when we ... Læs Mere
sikker affugter

Hvornår skal man bruge en affugter

Using a dehumidifier in your home or business place can significantly improve the air quality. If the air feels sticky or damp, a dehumidifier can reduce the moisture level, so ... Læs Mere

Hvor meget vand skal en affugter opsamle på en dag

A dehumidifier is a recent invention to improve the quality of air in an environment. It maintains the relative humidity levels in your space. Dehumidifiers absorb water from the air ... Læs Mere
bedste kommercielle affugter til vækstrum

Sådan rengøres en affugter

If you have a dehumidifier, you are in luck. It’s an essential device to keep the moisture and dampness in your home or office under control. A dehumidifier provides tremendous ... Læs Mere

Hvilken størrelse affugter har jeg brug for?

Everyone needs a dehumidifier in their space. Whether you are a business or a homeowner, a dehumidifier can significantly improve the air quality in your environment. What size of dehumidifier ... Læs Mere