Il miglior sistema di deumidificazione per tutta la casa più silenzioso

Cheap quietest ideal air electric small dehumidifier due to system upgrade, our new 12L energy saving model has achieved great success. You’ll find the machine run so quiet that you can enjoy your sweet dream. Start your comforts from here.

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Cosa puoi goderti

Mantieni la tua stanza all'umidità più confortevole che desideri.

La funzione di risparmio energetico ti offre un altro modo per risparmiare denaro.

Noise low to 36db, provide you with a quieter sleeping environment.

No more wet clothes during rainy days with quick clothes drying function on.

Auto switch off when water tank full Selectable casters are easier to move.


Accessori selezionabili

Tubo di drenaggio 60cm/Personalizzato

Ruote per spostamenti più facili


Programmi di certificazione


HK EER Grado 1 (Basso consumo energetico)


Efficient Dehumidifier

Designed with a huge capacity to remove moisture daily from home. This energy-efficient dehumidifier is suitable for most areas in the house, such as the bedroom, basement, living room, kitchen, cellars, stockroom, crawl space, etc.

It works effectively in removing moisture and providing safer, fresher air for you and your family.

Intelligent Touch Control

It is uniquely designed with an intelligent screen touch control panel display for easy control. Users can simply adjust to their preferred moisture setting.

The best whole house dehumidifier system senses the room’s humidity and regulates dehumidification to maintain the preset humidity levels.

You can also enjoy a 24hours timer that allows you to preset the operation and reduce energy usage. The automatic shut-off/on prevents an overflow or electric shocks and keeps your device in top form.

Design moderno

The quietest whole house dehumidifier has a modern design many consumers find appealing. It is sleek and stylish and can easily blend with your decor. We understand that convenience is essential, so it is designed with built-in wheels and ergonomically placed handles for easy movement. This newly designed energy-saving model is a best seller.

Multiple Purpose

The whole house dehumidifier can perform several functions, making it a must-have for every homeowner. There are four modes – STANDARD, DRYING, SLEEP, and RAINING. You can switch between different modes depending on your preference. It can remove damp, mold, and moisture around your home or furniture. It can also perform the function of a dryer without compromising its dehumidification function.

Ultra Quiet Mode

The semiconductor dehumidifiers are less noisy compared to the compressor dehumidifiers. It is designed to function without any noise or annoying sound creating a good sleep ambiance or a quiet work or study environment. The one-button switch design helps users efficiently operate the bedroom dehumidifier. You can enjoy a peaceful and noise-free night rest in a good air quality environment.

Upgraded Removal Ability

The best whole house dehumidifier comes with an auto-defrost function that makes it possible to use the dehumidifier in a cold environment without the fear of damage. It also comes with an auto-restart process that enables the dehumidifier to operate using the previous setting before the power interruption.

Continuous Drainage Mode

Save yourself the hassle of pouring water from the water bucket when using the best quietest whole house dehumidifier. Preset your desired humidity, and it will automatically turn off when it reaches that point.


The quietest whole house dehumidifier was designed with safety in mind. The standby mode prevents overheating. Alongside other excellent features like the alarm function and overflow protection to warn you if the tank is full, you can enjoy your dehumidifier without the fear of any mishap.


This dehumidifier is made from top-quality and long-lasting materials to give buyers value for their money. It has a warranty that provides buyers with the best assurance. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiries or want to order the best quietest whole-house dehumidifier.

Informazioni aggiuntive




12L/day(30°C RH80%), 6.5L/day(27°C RH60%)

Alimentazione elettrica


Consumo di energia


Volume d'aria

High: 100m3/h; Low: 77m3/h;

Livello di rumore

High: 40dB(A); Low: 36dB(A)

Capacità del serbatoio

2,6 litri

Temperature di esercizio


Peso netto


Peso lordo


Dimensioni del prodotto (L×P×A)

300 × 250 × 463 millimetri

Dimensioni imballo (L×P×A)

357 × 320 × 517 mm

Caricamento Quantità 20'GP

464 pezzi

Caricamento Quantità 40'GP

956 pezzi

Quantità di carico 40'HQ

1.195 pezzi

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