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Distinctly compact and handy, Deye dehumidifier E10A is a desirable addition for every household to keep humidity in suitable level. Help to prevent mould and damp issue. With an extraction rate of 10 litres per day and low power consumption of only 200 watts, let this simple yet functional unit take charge where high humidity prevail for your desired relative humidity level at all times


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Produkta specifikācija

Modelis DYD-E12A412
Ekstrakcija 12L/day(30°C RH80%)
6.5L/day(27°C RH60%)
Enerģijas padeve 220-240V/50Hz
Elektrības patēriņš 190W
Gaisa tilpums 70m3/h
Skaļuma līmenis 44dB(A)
Tvertnes ietilpība 2.5L
Darba temperatūras 5°C-35°C
Neto svars 9.7kg
Bruto svars 10.7kg
Produkta izmērs (P × D × A) 325 × 248 × 475 mm
Iepakojuma izmērs (P × P × A) 360 × 295 × 525 mm
Iekraušanas daudzums 20'GP 464 gab
                            40'GP 996pcs
                            40'HQ 1,230pcs
Automātiskā restartēšana
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Kompresors Rotējošais 

The outer casing of the best home dehumidifier with pump is made of plastic which is easy to clean. It has a beautiful design which makes it perfect for your home. And you can easily find a spot where it blends in with your interior décor.

High-quality internal pump

The internal pump in the best home dehumidifier is set to work automatically. This means you will never experience an overflow of water from the tank. The internal pump is activated by the sensor in the water tank. This happens when the water collected from your home has almost reached the upper part of the tank. The pump expels the water through a silicon hose attached to the system.

Silent fan movement

The design has been enhanced so the best home dehumidifier with a pump can be used in all homes. Even though it has a high capacity to remove water from your home, the unit works silently. You can enjoy TV or chat on the phone while it is on without any disturbances.

Control panel

The best home dehumidifier with a pump comes with a responsive control panel. The control panel features all the functions you can activate. It is operated with a simple click on the panel. The panel also has a backlight, which is good for people who use the dehumidifier in their homes’ dark parts, such as the basement.

Also, there is a remote control unit that can be pointed at the control panel. It works from up to 10 feet away. The remote control feature is convenient because you don’t need to walk to the unit when turning it on or off.

Finally, it has a water tank capacity of 70 pints, and the system removes up to 60 pints of water in 24-hours. In severe cases, you can activate the turbo feature to remove more water quickly.

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