Best Commercial Dehumidifier for Grow Room

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Model NO. DY-650EB
Moisture Removal Capacity 50L/day(30°C RH80%)
30L/day(27°C RH60%)
Power Supply 220-240V/50Hz
Rated Power 710W
Rated Current 2.1A
Air Volume 300m3/h
Noise Level 56dB/A
Water Tank Capacity 6.0L
Operating Range 5°C-35°C
Net Weight 24.0kg
Gross Weight 26.0kg
Product Size 455 × 350 × 603 mm
Packing Size 530 × 440 × 660 mm
Warranty 1 year
Payment T/T ,L/C
Optional extras

Drainage pipe

The right humidity is important when it comes to a grow room. The best commercial dehumidifier for grow room can provide the quality of air you need in your grow room for a thriving environment.

Effectively Dehumidifies

Ideal for your warehouse grow room and effectively removes up to 50liters of water daily at 30 degrees. This large capacity dehumidifier can eliminate moisture and works well for water damage restoration and other jobs requiring fast drying. Its multipurpose function makes it a must-have for many businesses.

Automatic Humidistat Control

The best commercial dehumidifier for grow home can effortlessly read the room temperature and humidity level. You can conveniently adjust it to your ideal moisture setting. After choosing a humidity level, the digital display control panel will display the current humidity level. The dehumidifier goes off after reaching the target you set.

Continuous Operation

One of the best features of the best commercial dehumidifier for grow home is the continuous operation that brings convenience to many users. The automatic humidistat, auto restart, auto defrost, and continuous drainage features allow the dehumidifier to operate easily and minimally. The machine can function without needing constant attention, making it a perfect choice for commercial places or grow rooms.

This smart design provides a stress-free user experience. The auto shut off prevents water spills and goes off immediately when the bucket is full, removed, or not appropriately placed. The auto-restart ensures the dehumidifier operates on the previous setting before a power cut.

This high functionality ensures the dehumidifier operates with minimal interference from the users.

External Drain Connect

This dehumidifier comes with a long drain hose for continuous drainage, and this takes the hassle away. You don’t have to manually pour water from the water bucket anymore. You need to set your desired humidity, and it will automatically turn off at that point.

Ideal for Water Damage Restoration Projects

It comes with a high-efficiency rotary compressor that ensures the highest moisture extraction. The rotary compressor makes it possible to remove double the normal water per day.

Sturdy Built

It is designed with high-quality materials and has a metallic outer case that can withstand the toughest conditions. It can be used not only in a grow room but also in construction zones and flooded buildings. 

It can work for long hours, so it is ideal for hard or continuous work for days without worrying about it getting damaged. Asides from the sturdy build, it is equipped with rolling casters that make movement easy and convenient.


It is manufactured after going through several quality assurance processes that make it safe for everyone. There’s a 12-month worry-free period, and customers can also enjoy free expert tech support. Please contact us now for your inquiries or to place an order.

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