Best Small Crawl Space Dehumidifier with Pump

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Model DY-ZL550
Power Supply 220V-50Hz
Moisture Removal Capacity 4kg/h
Processing Air Flow 550m³/h
Regeneration Air Flow 180m³/h
Rated Power 3.5kW
Rated Current 16A
Operating Temperature -20℃~40℃
Noise Level 50dB(A)
IP Grade IPX4
Net Weight 52kg
Application Area 20~40㎡
Dimension 725*585*595mm

These small-sized portable dehumidifiers are excellent because they can remove up to 120 pints of water from the crawl spaces in buildings. This model is rated as the best crawl space dehumidifier with pump.

It can be used during continuous operations to prevent water from ruining the crawlspace. The unit is durable, and it is adequate for all types of buildings, keeping the interior parts comfortable for the people who live there.

Lightweight Dehumidifier

The unit weighs about 55 pounds. It is easy to move around and mount in the crawl space without worrying about excess weight. The handles at the top of the unit make it easy to lift and move to different parts of the crawlspace. It comes with fittings that can be used to secure the unit in the crawlspace.

Also, the handles are sturdy and will not break while carrying the dehumidifier from one place to another. It is best used on a flat surface. At the base, four studs can help maintain balance while the fan and compressor are working.

High Capacity Pump

The pump in this dehumidifier is one of the best in the market. It is designed with unique features that trigger water removal when it reaches the maximum level in the water tank.

The pump features a high-grade copper coil, and it is built to withstand low temperatures. The pump will work effectively all through the winter season. It is reliable and fast enough to keep the water tank empty.

Auto defrost Feature

This is a unique feature that prevents water from clogging the system if it freezes during winter. The defrost feature keeps the water in liquid form and ensures it is drained continuously from the unit. The auto defrost feature can be programmed to work all through the night or during moments when the dehumidifier unit is not monitored. Also, traces of frost on the coils trigger the feature. It is designed to ensure the entire functional parts of the unit are free from frost.

Auto-restart Feature

During winter or other moments when there is a temporary disconnection from the power source, the auto-restart feature restores the fan and compressor function when the power situation is resolved. This is why the unit can be used continuously to maintain the normal humid conditions in the building.

Protective Filter

Due to the conditions in the crawl space, there is a wire mesh installed to prevent dust from clogging the internal parts of the crawl space dehumidifier with pump. The filter can be removed and cleaned when it is clogged.

The filter helps to make the dehumidifier last longer than other models in the market. It also protects the automatic drainage system from clogging, which can limit the unit’s performance.

To conclude, the metal casing is made from durable materials. It is sprayed to give the unit a neat and aesthetically appealing look. The metal casing is not prone to corrosion. It provides a secure covering for the internal parts of this crawl space dehumidifier with pump.

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