Commercial Dehumidifier for Hvac System


Model No. DY-ZL100
Power Supply 220-240V/50Hz
Dehumidifying Capacity 0.48kg/H (20℃ RH60%)
Power Consumption 750W
Noise Level 40dB(A)
Operating Temperature 0℃~60℃
Net Weight 17.5 kg
Product Size(W × D × H)

334 × 263 × 331 mm

Packing Size(W × D × H) 517 × 343 × 467 mm


Loading Quantity



20’GP: 360pcs
40’GP: 745pcs

40’HQ: 745pcs

These commercial dehumidifier models have been improved with superior engineering to ensure they do not increase power consumption levels. The optimized power consumption feature makes these units ideal for use with HVAC systems.

For commercial uses, they can be installed in places where continuous operation is required. The units are easy to install, and they are compatible with different accessories. The spare parts for these dehumidifiers are readily available for sale online or in nearby shops.

Durable Commercial Dehumidifiers for HVACs

The external tubing parts of these models have been made with stainless steel, which increases durability. The non-toxic tubes help to channel the condensed water into the tank.

The tubes can be washed with water if needed, and there is no chance of clogging while the dehumidifier is in use. The system is effective and fast, however, the fan speed can be adjusted to enable quicker dehumidification in commercial spaces.

Superior Rotor Design

The rotor has been designed to have enhanced performance. It is non-flammable, which increases the safety benefits while using this model. The rotor is perfect for commercial uses, and it has an extensive perimeter that matches industrial usage specifications. That is why it is rated as a commercial-grade feature that can be easily maintained or cleaned. The rotor is built to last for many years, offering more value for money.

Removable Air Filter

The air filter in this commercial dehumidifier for HVAC system can be washed in warm water and reused. This is an additional advantage to help users avoid the vast costs of replacements. The process of removing the filter is easy, no need for special technicians or expensive services. The air filter is made from tough materials, which increases its durability. The system detector displays an indicator notification when it is time to check the air filter.

Remote Control Option

The unit comes with a standard remote control that allows users to activate several essential features. The remote control is powered by regular batteries, which is a good idea. These batteries can be purchased without stress.

They must be changed often to maintain excellent performance. The remote control works from a reasonable distance, and it is reliable for monitoring the performance of this commercial dehumidifier.

Self-cooling System

There is a temperature regulating system that prevents the system from overheating. This system makes it possible to use the dehumidifier for an extended period, usually during winter. The cooling system prevents the compressor from overheating.

It is a reliable system that lowers the chances of experiencing a fire outbreak or burnt parts. This regulating feature works automatically. The sensors adjust the fan speed to ensure that the temperature is continuously monitored.

It is a top-rated dehumidifier with outstanding features that enhance the function of HVACs. The shipping arrangement is fast and secure. The cartons used for the packaging are durable and large enough to accommodate the accessories needed to assemble and install the dehumidifier. The anticorrosive properties increase its lifespan and create more value for money.

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