Dehumidifier in Basement in Winter

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Model NO. DYD-D50A
Moisture Removal Capacity 50L/day(30°C RH80%)
30L/day(27°C RH60%)
Power Supply 220-240V/50Hz
Rated Power 720W
Rated Current 3.2A
Air Volume 360m3/h
Noise Level 56dB/A
Water Tank Capacity 8.5L
Operating Range 5°C-35°C
Net Weight 23.5kg
Gross Weight 25.5kg
Product Size 397 × 330 × 630 mm
Packing Size 480 × 420 × 710 mm
Features 1. Easy to carry with pull-up handle

2. High efficient compressor

3. Water full alarm and auto shut-off function

4. Up to 24 hours timer

5. Auto defrosting function

6. Auto restart function
7. Optional continuous drainage
8. Washable air filter            

9. Easy to move around with rolling casters

Warranty 1 year
Payment T/T ,L/C
Optional extras

Drainage pipe

During the winter, using the dehumidifier is a sustainable way to maintain air quality. The winter season adversely influences the basement conditions making it quite inhabitable without a dehumidifier. This unit is built to last, so it is best for long winters.

Also, this model is recommended for people who live in areas where the humidity level is extreme. With this dehumidifier in basements during winter, there will not be a problem. It also expels warm air from the vents at the back, making long winter nights more comfortable.

Fast-acting Dehumidifier in the Basement

The capacity of this unit is as high as 50 pints. This is the amount of moisture it can remove from the area in about 24-hours. That is a lot of moisture volume, which is good for homes where people actually live in the basement rooms. Moreover, the fast-acting functions can prevent mold growth in the basement, eliminating the need to spend money on expensive mold removal procedures.

Portable Dehumidifier for Basements

The unit features a sturdy handle that allows the user to move it around the basement efficiently. This is an excellent feature because the user will not waste much energy while setting up the dehumidifier unit.

Also, the base of this model is fitted with four durable rotating wheels. The wheels have been designed to rotate 360 degrees, making it easy to roll the unit across different floors. The wheels are well designed, so there won’t be loud sounds while moving the dehumidifier from one place to another.

Reliable Draining System

The draining system on this dehumidifier features a long flexible hose. This is a good addition because you won’t need to bother setting up the dehumidifier close to a window or drain sink. From any distance, in an average-sized basement, you can connect the long drain hose to an outlet where the condensed water collected is expelled.

The drain hose, after installation, can continuously expel water from the system for many days until the humidity level in your basement is restored. Also, the system features a manual water tank which can also be removed and emptied when the water level has risen too high.

Fast-acting Dryer

Regarding the dryer feature, clothes can be dried and worn again within a short time. The dryer is reliable, and it works with the fan speed, which is also adjustable.

Automated Humidity Level Detector

There won’t be any need to buy expensive tools to monitor humidity during winter because this dehumidifier has that feature. It comes with an automated humidity sensor that alerts you when the humidity level in your basement has exceeded normal levels during winter.

The sensor also shows when the humidity level in your basement is adequate and comfortable for people. This is usually at a humidity of between 45% to 55%.

Digital Control Panel

The control panel functions with a backlight system that illuminates the functions. It is easy to use, with a tap on a function button, the system responds accordingly. What’s more, the digital control panel has been designed to work in humid conditions, so there is no worry about malfunctioning.

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