Ducted Dehumidifier for Basement

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Model DY-C20DZ
Power Supply 220-240V~50Hz
Dehumidifying Capacity 20L/day (30℃ RH80%)
Rated Power 320W
Air Volume 260m³/hr
Noise Level          43dB(A)
Timer 1 ~ 24h
Operating Temperature 5℃~38℃
IP Rating IPX4
Refrigerant R134a
Net Weight 13.0 kg
Gross Weight 15.0 kg
Application Area 25~40m²
Product Size (W×D×H) 700 × 370 × 295 mm
Packing Size (W×D×H) 726 × 431 × 345 mm
Loading Quantity  20’GP 252pcs
40’GP 516pcs
40’HQ 602pcs

The capacity of this ducted dehumidifier for basement is impressive. It can collect a large volume of condensed water from the basement. This dehumidifier model is ideal for large basements or if the moisture condition in the basement is critical.

The system is quite simple, so you won’t need professional knowledge to set up this dehumidifier. It is shipped with all necessary accessories in the packaging. It has also been secured to protect the unit from damage during transit.

Smart Control Panel

You will have control over several smart features of this unit by using the innovative features on the control panel. For example, you can set the automated humidity sensor to detect and monitor humidity conditions in the basement with a tap on a button. Also, the control panel works with an LED backlight which makes it easy to use the dehumidifier in dark basements.

In addition, it has a smart power regulatory feature which is excellent for people who need to use the dehumidifier for long hours. The power feature is automated, so you can set the timer to switch the unit on or off at the right time. The control panel allows you to set your preferred humidity conditions, which are maintained in the basement while your dehumidifier works.

Easy to Handle

The dehumidifier features a sturdy handle, making it easy to move the unit from one place to another. The handle is supported by four inbuilt wheels. These wheels can roll smoothly on different types of floors. Also, the duct can be folded up when you are not using the dehumidifier.

24-hours Drainage

In critical situations, you will need to use the dehumidifier for longer hours. This is why this ducted model is most suitable. The duct allows the system to expel the condensed water collected. 

This is done continuously to ensure that your basement is free of unwanted moisture. The duct fitted to this dehumidifier unit is durable and also flexible. These are good features that prevent it from breaking while the unit is in use. 

The duct is also long enough for easy attachment to a drainage sink, or you can set it in a window to allow condensed water to flow away. Using this duct dehumidifier for the basement is convenient because there is no need to manually empty the water tank many times during the day or night.

Removable Filter

You can forget about wasting money to buy several filters because the one in this unit is removable. When necessary, you should take out the filter and wash it, then it can be replaced. Removing the filter is not difficult, which means you won’t need to hire anyone to get your filter cleaned.

Inbuilt Wheels

Considering the size of this ducted dehumidifier for basements, you can move it around easily because of the inbuilt wheels. The wheels have a swivel feature that allows you to turn bends or paths around, which could have been otherwise difficult.

Overall, this is a good dehumidifier. Its highly effective sensor can restore and maintain normal humid conditions in your basement through the winter or summer.

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