Ducted Dehumidifier for Crawl Space with Pump

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You should consider buying this ducted dehumidifier if you have multiple places that have been overtaken by moisture. It comes with a duct attachment that reaches a few feet. This means you can connect the dehumidifier to other areas where it is needed.

The ducted dehumidifier stands out from all other options because of its versatile use. Also, you get more value for your investment with this brand. The duct is large enough to ensure water is removed from the adjoining room quickly. Other features of this dehumidifier include;

Automated defrosting feature

The water collected in the tank can remain liquid even during winter because of the defrosting feature. Frozen water will damage the unit’s tank, making it undesirable. The defrosting feature can be activated when winter comes to keep your crawlspace moisture-free and dry.

Also, the defrosting feature helps to protect the dehumidifier’s coils. That is why it can continue functioning non-stop during the day or at night.

Low power consumption

You may need to use a dehumidifier for a longer period during the winter or rainy season, so you need a brand that saves power. This is one of such units. The power consumption is very low. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about adding to your energy bills.

Sturdy design

The design is strong and built to last. The internal components are protected by the metal casing. Also, there is a vent and filter which prevents dust from entering the system. Dust can cause clogging and compromise the unit. Hence, the filter is an essential part of a ducted dehumidifier for crawl space.

In addition, there are four studs at the base which prevent the dehumidifier from rattling and causing noise pollution. During regular use, the fan sound is silent, which is also convenient.

The manufacturers have added a user manual in the package to help you set up the unit and install the duct in another room if you want. Overall, this is a highly effective dehumidifier with a duct.

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