Tiny House Dehumidifier for Mobile Home

Distinctly compact and handy, small room dehumidifier is a desirable addition for every household to keep humidity in suitable level. Help to prevent mould and damp issue. With an extraction rate of 10 litres per day and low power consumption of only 200 watts, let this simple yet functional unit take charge where high humidity prevail for your desired relative humidity level at all times.

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Many mobile homes do not have large spaces, making this dehumidifier for mobile homes the best option. It is portable and has an aesthetic appeal that can blend with your interior décor. It is one of the top-rated dehumidifiers for mobile homes. The size and excellent capacity also make it a good dehumidifier for tiny homes.

Auto defrost feature

Since mobile homes do not have insulation like bigger buildings, this defrost feature is essential. It is activated automatically. The defrost feature detects frozen water in the coils and water tank.

It defrosts these parts of the dehumidifier to ensure the system continues working seamlessly. The auto defrost feature does not increase the power consumption; therefore, it can be used as often as necessary.

Noiseless operation

It is always better to use a silent dehumidifier for a mobile home. The soundless operation of this unit makes it ideal for such places. You can turn on your dehumidifier and go to bed during the day or at night. The fan is uniquely designed to maintain a low sound operation even if you use the turbo feature.

Smart alerts

The tiny house dehumidifier also has an LED panel that gives you smart alerts when necessary. For example, you get an alert when it is time to empty the tank. Also, you are alerted to clean the filter or when the system detects frost in the coil or tank.

Drain hose attached

There is a drain hose that channels the water collected from your home. The tiny house dehumidifier can continue working for long hours because of the drain pipe. You don’t need to bother about spills while it is in use. The drain hose is made of silicon which is flexible and sturdy.

The low power rating for this dehumidifier for mobile homes is an advantage that helps you avoid paying high energy bills.

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10L/day(30°C RH80%), 6.0L/day(27°C RH60%)

Power Supply


Power Consumption


Air Volume


Noise Level


Tank Capacity


Operating Temperatures


Net Weight


Gross Weight


Product Size (W×D×H)

325 × 248 × 475 mm

Packing Size (W×D×H)

360 × 295 × 525 mm

Loading Quantity 20’GP


Loading Quantity 40’GP


Loading Quantity 40’HQ


Auto Restart


Digital Display




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