Best Dehumidifier for Large Basement

※. Auto defrosting function

※. External drain connect

※. Auto humidistat control

※. Up to 24 hours programmable timer

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Model DY-6480EB
Extraction 480L/day(30°C RH80%)
280L/day(27°C RH60%)
Power Supply 380V3N-50Hz
Power Consumption 6500W
Air Volume 3000m3/h
Noise Level 68dB/A
Operating Temperatures 5°C-35°C
Net Weight 230.0kg
Gross Weight 270.5kg
Product Size (W×D×H) 1190 × 450 × 1,750 mm
Packing Size (W×D×H) 1300 × 610 × 1,980 mm
Loading Quantity 20’GP 12pcs
                             40’GP 27pcs
                             40’HQ 27pcs
Auto Restart Yes
Digital Display Yes
Compressor Rotary 

A dehumidifier that can adequately cover up to 4,500 Sq. Ft. is an excellent choice. It is perfect for people living in a massive house with large-sized basements.

There are models for smaller spaces such as 1,500 Sq. Ft. but it is always best to buy a dehumidifier that can meet your needs at all times. These are the best dehumidifiers for large basements, tested and trusted.

The product is shipped in secure cartons, skillfully packaged to prevent damages during transit. Also, there is a well-detailed user manual in the package. The user manual features all the information you will need to enjoy all the benefits of this dehumidifier.

It is Easy to Use

Even without the user manual, it is easy to learn the different features of this dehumidifier and its controls. The unit functions with a 24-hour system that can keep your large basement at the right humidity level for 24-hours or more.

The system is designed to run until the water tank is full, convenient for people with large basements. When the maximum level in the water tank is reached, the fan is shut down until the water tank is emptied.

Each feature is controlled by a tap on the button that displays the icon. For example, to use the turbo feature, simply tap the button displaying the turbo icon.

Moisture Free Basements

Moisture that could promote the growth of mold in your basement is removed permanently. The dehumidifier is also designed to eliminate foul musty odors that usually linger in moist basements.

These are conditions that could make the basement inhabitable. However, with this dehumidifier for large basements, you can enjoy spending time in your large basement.

Health Grade Dehumidifier

Large basements attract people; therefore it is essential to keep the air in that area fresh and safe for everyone. Using this dehumidifier will make the basement in your home fit for even those people who may have some sort of allergies.

The system’s extensive cycle allows anyone to spend hours doing different things in the basement.

Continuous Drain Pipe

A durable drain pipe is an essential feature that maximizes the benefits of this dehumidifier. The drain hose attached is as long as 2 meters. The length can be extended if necessary. The drain pipe is the channel through which excess water in the tank is continuously removed to prevent overflow.

Easy Handling

It is easy to move this dehumidifier from one place to another because it has inbuilt wheels. The wheels are sturdy, and they have been designed with swivel features that allow them to turn 360 degrees.

The wheels are essential to maneuver the unit easily. There are handles on the upper part of the unit. These handles also support moving the dehumidifier when necessary.

These are the best dehumidifiers for large basements, and they are easy to assemble. All the accessories are shipped with the unit. And the entire product is made from high-quality materials.

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