Bathroom Dehumidifier, Low Temperature, Ceiling Mounted

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Working Principle for bathroom dehumidifier

On either side of the wheel, the entire surface is divided into two sectors by highly hermetically sealed partitions, the treatment sector and the regenerative reduction sector. When the dehumidified air enters the treatment area, the water vapor is adsorbed by the carrier in the runner and dried, and the latent heat is released. The dried air is sent out of the system by the fan. With the increase of water absorption, the treatment sector tends to be saturated. In order to maintain its stable dehumidification performance, the saturated rotor part is driven by the motor and transferred into the regeneration area to begin the regeneration process. Regeneration air after heating to 100-140 ℃, the reverse blowing regeneration area, high temperature condition, the runner has adsorption in water by stripping, release a large amount of sensible heat at the same time, its temperature is reduced, became wet with water, air, and to the outside, thus completed the transfer of moisture, restore the wheel strong ability of moisture absorption, again into the work area for dehumidification. The above process of dehumidification and regeneration occurs at the same time, the air is constantly dried, the wheel is constantly recycled, and the cycle, thus ensuring the dehumidifier continuous and constant working state.

For maneuverability, we score this dehumidifier a whopping 98 percent. It is lightweight and can be mounted against your ceiling in the bathroom. The mounts are secure, which lowers any chances of dropping off while it is in use. Also, the unit features a tough handle to hold securely if there is a need to move it around.

User-friendly features

You do not need any form of special training to use this bathroom dehumidifier. It works excellently at all times. However, the manufacturers have attached a user manual containing clear instructions on how to install and use it. But the control panel displays all the essential controls. You only need to tap any feature to activate it.

Best for bathrooms

During the summer or winter, this ceiling mounted bathroom dehumidifier will keep your bathrooms safe and comfortable. The smart humidistat installed in the system checks and removes all traces of condensed water in the bathroom. You can adjust these settings to have a customized experience.

Soundless operation

Another reason why this is the best ceiling mounted bathroom dehumidifier is that it works without loud noise. The fan in this unit is soundless. On average, the dehumidifier produces less than 20 Db.

Silicon drain hose

A drain hose is attached to the back of this dehumidifier. It ensures that the water collected from the bathroom is evacuated from the system. The drain hose is made of tough silicon. It is durable and flexible. The hose is also long and convenient, so you can connect it to a sink or drainage channel in your bathroom.

Excellent for small spaces

The humidity monitoring features make this unit an excellent choice for small spaces in bathrooms. You can use the dehumidifier for an extended period in such spaces, eliminating any worries about water condensation in the area.

As one of our top picks, we checked the reviews. It is evident, so many people like this ceiling mounted bathroom dehumidifier.

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415 × 370 × 345 mm

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