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Lithium Solar Batteries for Solar System: RW-M5.1

If you are looking for a sustainable power source for smart devices and a large number of other products, the lithium solar batteries are your best choice. But not all brands of lithium solar batteries will work as expected. To get the best results, you should buy lithium ion batteries for solar energy systems from a trusted vendor.

Look no further if you need these lithium solar batteries for your business, projects, or to power smart devices. Our company stands out as the most reliable source of high-quality solar batteries for diverse uses. Our long list of positive reviews stands out as an indication we are the suppliers of dependable lithium ion solar batteries and can deliver to wholesale buyers in all locations.

Main Things to Know About Lithium Solar Batteries

Lithium solar batteries have often been described as one of the best options for storing energy. The batteries are rechargeable and easy to use. After proper connections, the solar energy system provides electric charge stored in the lithium solar battery. In addition to long battery life, the solar panels must be of high-quality to supply the energy storage system with enough energy can power a wide range of equipment or products. Also, lead acid batteries are safe for use indoors because the products will not explode suddenly.

However, managing an integrated battery management system is quite complex. So, it is best to have trusted experts install your renewable energy systems.

Top Features of Lithium Solar Batteries

If you are wondering why the lithium solar batteries have such a superior performance and amp hours, it is because of the following features:

Reliable Solar Batteries

The lithium ion batteries are extremely reliable when used as a source of renewable energy. The battery management system and battery capacity make these products excellent for different smart devices, and bigger models can be used for electric vehicles. The stored energy keeps for many amp hours, making the batteries a proper solar energy storage system.

The lithium ion solar battery also supports a high discharge power. This feature helps lower the chances of overheating while using the lithium ion batteries. Also, the lithium ion solar batteries have an excellent dust protection rating. The dust protection rating is IP65, and while the renewable energy systems are protected from dust and other elements that can hinder their functions, the risk of overcharging is low because of the natural cooling system.

We sell high quality reliable lithium ion solar batteries that work perfectly within a wide temperature range. The thermal runaway capacity of these lithium ion solar batteries is from -20 to 55 degrees. Having these lithium batteries brings rest of mind because the solar battery remains a reliable power back up.

Safer Lithium Solar Batteries

The lithium ion solar batteries are safe for use in residential areas, and commercial areas. You can also use these lithium ion batteries on construction sites. The solar batteries are designed with a heat-dissipating system that prevents any risk of fire outbreaks. Also, the lithium ion solar batteries do not have any traces of cobalt, often rated as lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries for solar projects and to power many other types of devices.

In addition to providing a safe lithium ion solar batteries for solar projects, the safe lithium solar batteries are durable. They last for a long time, providing more value for the buyer’s money. It helps to know that the safe lithium ion batteries for solar projects are rated as high efficiency and have an impressive high-power density.

Also, the energy storage system and other renewable energy systems using lithium ion batteries on the market come with intelligent BMS systems. This is an indication that the lithium ion solar battery is safe for use in different projects and situations.

Regardless of the safe lithium solar battery capacity, it should be noted that installing the solar battery properly is the best way to avoid issues in the future. Proper installation using the best wiring systems also enhances the effectiveness of the integrated battery management system.

Versatile Uses

You can use the lithium solar battery in different ways. The lithium batteries have a modular design which makes them easy to use, as flexibility is one of the bestselling points of these products. The modular design also allows you to use the battery bank as a reliable backup, when you need your systems or equipment to work non-stop, without any downtime.

The energy storage system involving lithium batteries and solar panels is scalable. This means you can adjust the power output as you want. For example, you can install a maximum units of 32 units in a parallel system. However, if you need less power, you can install a renewable energy system with lower capacity.

Generally, the power output from the lithium batteries is 163.8 kwh. And this is impressive for systems that require a power output within this range.

Also, you can manage your self-consumption ratio by adjusting the lithium solar battery system to match the energy consumption requirement.

Convenient Renewable Energy Systems

The maintenance free systems are convenient for every project involving a lithium ion battery. The customer reviews and easy maintenance feature help boost the public’s acceptance of these lithium batteries. Also, it is possible to effectively monitor the renewable energy systems with lithium solar batteries. The remote monitoring system makes it super-convenient to use these backup power sources effectively.

Also, these lithium batteries are compatible with the battery module auto networking and auto IP addressing systems. In addition to that, it is easy to upgrade the renewable energy system’s firmware when necessary. You can do this upgrade seamlessly by using a regular USB drive.

Environmentally Safe Lithium Solar Batteries

The lithium batteries, solar panels, and many other solar battery components are generally safe for the environment. This is good news because you do not have any limitations when installing scalable renewable energy systems. Also, it is best to hire a professional installer who will use only high-quality environmental protection materials when setting up the backup lithium ion solar batteries.

Overall, the entire module for these lithium ion batteries is non-toxic, and there is no risk of causing pollution when using this type of solar battery.

Wall-Mounted Design

Setting up the lithium ion battery bank requires minimal space, making it the perfect option for tight spaces. The setup has a flat design which is excellent for saving space. Also, the wall mounted units are not too complex, so anyone can use them to supply power to different equipment. Also, the power output continues to deliver high-power density, even if you have installed the lithium ion solar batteries on the walls.

Product Description – RW-M5.1 Lithium Solar Battery

Our product, the RW-M5.1 lithium solar battery, remains the best solar battery on the market. The demand for these products is impressive, and customer reviews are encouraging. Here are the top features that best describe this lithium ion solar battery:

System Operating Voltage

For the lithium ion solar batteries to work effectively, there has to be an effective system operating voltage. This lithium solar battery bank has an impressive system operating voltage that falls within a reasonable range. The range is from 43.2v to 57.6v, which is one of the best ranges for solar battery banks.

The system operating voltage range is boldly indicated on the product description online and its packaging. Therefore, it is easy to determine whether the lithium ion batteries can work effectively when you integrate them into the power generating setup.

Also, the lithium solar battery has a system nominal voltage rating of 51.2. This helps to keep the power output at a steady level, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Usable in Battery Groups

It is possible to create a unique battery group with the RW.M51 lithium ion batteries, depending on the solar panels involved in the renewable power generating source. However, the maximum of 32 battery pieces should be connected in parallel in a group. This parallel connection is best for different projects, and it can produce an energy output of 163.8 kW.

However, an expert installer can create a special arrangement of batteries in parallel to achieve the needed power output for a customized setup. Therefore, if you are uncertain about the energy output needed from your system, you should speak with one of our experts. We will help you create a project design that meets your project’s requirements.

Usable Energy Level

The overall energy storage system with this battery can produce up to 5.12 kwh. This is impressive for running different systems or smart devices. However, the usable energy that these lithium ion batteries can generate is rated at 4.61 kwh.

The customer reviews from existing buyers confirm the usable energy level achievable with this battery is sufficient for a whole range of use cases, whether in residential environments or commercial spaces. The lithium ion battery has gone through a series of tests to confirm the usable energy level is consistent, which means all users can get maximum value for their money.

Battery Chemical Composition

The battery has a standard chemical composition which is represented as LiFePO4. This makes the lithium battery perfect for different solar power systems and even electric vehicles. The electrochemical cells in these batteries are of the best quality. This helps to increase power output, making the lithium battery one of the most reliable sources of power anytime it is needed.

Experts who need to use this battery for projects or an installation should note the chemical formula to ensure the battery is most suitable for the project. The battery composition also helps to enhance the charge and discharge rate overall.

Battery Module Capacity

It is also interesting to note that this lithium-ion solar battery has a module capacity of up to 100 Ah. This rating is perfect for any energy storage system that requires up to 51.2v. The battery module capacity also allows expert installers to combine these batteries with other models when they need to achieve a unique power output for any project.

Working Temperature

These batteries can work excellently within a particular charge and discharge temperature range. The charging range for this battery is from 0 to 55 degrees. Anything outside this temperature may cause malfunction. Also, the perfect temperature for the discharge phase should be from -20 degrees to 55 degrees.

Also, the lithium solar batteries should be stored at a temperature from the range of 0 to 35 degrees to provide reliable power.

Humidity Level for Operation

These batteries are also the best options for creating an energy storage system because they work excellently in a wide humidity range. The standard humidity range at which these lithium ion batteries will work excellently is from 5% to 95%. This makes it possible to use these batteries for different projects or in residential environments.

Installation Type

The flat battery design makes it possible to install them on walls. The wall-mounted setup is convenient because the user will not need to create extra space for installation, whether it is a residential or commercial project. Also, we are delighted the customers like that the battery comes with a ten-year warranty. This helps to increase customer confidence in these batteries.

Communication Port

It is also essential to point out that the communication port on these battery systems is CAN 2.0, RSA 485. Also, the cycle lifetime cost of these lithium solar batteries is impressive. It is given as less than or equal to 6000 at 2 degrees, 1C/1C, and 80% EOL.

Overall, the batteries have been produced under the best conditions, ensuring they meet a wide range of certifications like the UL 1973, IEC 62619, and UN 38.3.

Order Lithium Solar Batteries in Bulk

If you are interested in investing in these lithium ion solar batteries, that’s a great choice. These batteries sell out fast, and they are of the best quality. Send us your customer contact form to order today.

Additional information

Battery Chemistry


Battery Module Capacity (Ah)


System Nominal Voltage (V)


System Operating Voltage (V)


Scalability ( 1 battery group)

Max.32pcs in Parallel (163.8kw)

Energy (kwh)


Usable Energy (kwh)


Charg/Discharging Current (A)

Recommand: 50, Max:100, Peak (2 mins, 25℃): 150

Depth of Discharge (%)


Dimension (W×D×H, mm)


Weight (kgs)


Master LED Indicator

5LED (SOC: 20%~100%), 3LED(working, alarming, protecting)

IP Rating of Enclosure




Working Temperature

Charge: 0~55°C/Discharge: -20~55°C

Storage Temperature

0°C ~ 35°C



Cycle Life

≥6000@25±2℃,1C/1C, 80%EOL

Installation Location

Wall Mounted

Communication port

CAN2.0, RS485



Life Cycle Power During Warranty Period



UL1973, FCC, IEC62619, IEC61000, CE, UN38.3


Cobalt Free Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Battery: Safety and long lifespan, high efficiency and high-power density. Intelligent BMS, providing complete protection.


Support high discharge power, IP65, natural cooling, wide temperature range: -20℃ to 55℃.


Modular design, easy to expand, Max.32 units in parallel, Max. capacity of 163.8kwh.
Suited to residential and commecial applications for increasing the self-consumption ratio.


Battery module auto networking, Automatic IP addressing, Easy maintenance, Remotely monitoring and upgrade, Support USB drive upgrade the firmware.


Use environmental protection materials, the whole module non-toxic, pollution-free.


High-power density, Flat design, wall-mounted, saving installation space.

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