SUN500G/600G | 500-600W | Single Phase | 2 MPPT | Micro-Inverter | Rapid Shutdown

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Higher yields / Safe / Smart / User-friendly

The series microinverter features a low startup voltage of 20V and Max. DC input voltage of 60V. Module-level monitoring provides each panel’s performance data, and faster O&M. With a built-in WIFI module, easier installation and commissioning for the installer. Also, it supports various output voltage and frequencies, 127/208/240V@60Hz, and 230V/50Hz.

Remotely shutdown function

Smart Monitoring Platform
Thanks to the smart monitoring platform, Deye full series inverter products support remotely shut down immediately when the accident occurs. Setting parameters and FW update remotely, which makes PV plant O&M easier.

  • Rapid shutdown function
  • IP67 protection degree,10 years warranty
  • PLC, Zigbee, or WIFI communication
  • 2 MPP trackers, module-level monitoring
  • Cooling glue filling, good thermal performance
  • Suitable for Europe, North America, South America, and other regions

Technical Specifications

Model SUN500G-230-EU SUN600G2-US-208/240 SUN600G2-US-220 SUN600G2-US-127
Input Data (DC)
Recommended input Power (STC) 210~400W (2 Pieces) 210~400W (2 Pieces) 210~400W (2 Pieces) 210~350W(2 Pieces)
Maximum input DC Voltage 60V
MPPT Voltage Range 25~55V
Operating DC Voltage Range 20~60V
Max. DC Short Circuit Current 13A
Max. input Current 10.4A×2
Output Data (AC)
Rated output Power 600W 600W 600W 500W
Maximum output Power 600W 600W 600W 500W
Maximum output Current 2.2A 2.9A / 2.5A 2.7A 4A
Nominal Voltage / Range 184~265V 208V / 183~229V
240V / 211~264V
176~242V a.c.95~155V
Nominal Frequency / Range 50.0 / 47.5~51.5Hz 60.0 / 59.3~60.5Hz 60.0 / 59.3~60.5Hz 60.0 / 59.3~60.5Hz
Extended Frequency/Range 50.0 / 45~55Hz 60.0 / 55~65Hz 560.0 / 55~65Hz 60.0 / 55~65Hz
Power Factor >0.99
Maximum units per branch 11 8 / 10 9 6
CEC Weighted Efficiency 95%
Peak Inverter Efficiency 96.5%
Static MPPT Efficiency 99%
Night Time Power Consumption 50mW
Mechanical Data
Ambient Temperature Range -40~65℃
Size (mm) 185W×161H×29D (Without mounting bracket and cable)
Weight (kg) 2.4
Cooling Natural cooling
Enclosure Environmental Rating IP67
Compatibility Compatible with 60~72 cell PV modules
Communication Power line / WIFI / Zigbee
Compliance UL1741、VDE0126、VDE4105、IEC62109、CE、INMETRO
Warranty 10 years


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