Wall Mounted Dehumidifier for Bathroom Without Window

dehumidifier for bathroom without window

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Detail of wall mounted dehumidifier for bathroom

Model No. DY-C90DZ
Power Supply 220-240V/50Hz
Dehumidifying Capacity 90L/day(30°C RH80%)
Power Consumption 1153W
Noise Level TBC
Operating Temperature 5°C-35°C
Refrigerant R410a
Net Weight 63.0 kg
Gross Weight 65.0 kg
Product Size(W × D × H) 1050 × 620 × 465 mm
Packing Size(W × D × H) 1075 × 645 × 493 mm


Loading Quantity 



20’GP: 60pcs
40’GP: 132pcs
40’HQ: 165pcs

The standby mode is one of the fascinating features of this wall mounted dehumidifier for bathrooms. It means you can quickly activate the system to remove water and moisture from your bathroom.

It is also excellent for removing odor in the bathroom. With this unit running for a few minutes, you are guaranteed to have a fresh-smelling bathroom at all times.

Quick maintenance

The maintenance routine is easy and fast. All you need to do is check the vents and remove dust. Clean the filter which can be reused and ensure the water tank is clean. You should also check the hose to ensure it is not blocked. You do not need any skills to do these things.

Auto defrost feature

The automatic defrost feature is helpful during winter. It keeps the water in the tank or drain system from freezing. With this feature running, you can be sure that your wall mounted dehumidifier for bathrooms will last for a long time.

Portable design

It has a classy portable design. This means the unit adds to the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. Also, the portable design makes it easy to mount the bathroom dehumidifier without any issues.

Auto shut off

The dehumidifier works with an automatic switch. After entering the right settings on the 24-hour timer, it shuts down or restarts automatically. Since it is wall mounted, you won’t need to reach up all the time to turn it on or off.

This is a convenient feature that keeps the humidity in your bathroom at a low acceptable level every time.

Drain hose included

There is a drain hose that supports the continuous operating system. The hose is made of silicone, and it is flexible. You connect the hose to the drain system. That is how excess water collected by the dehumidifier leaves the system.

The wall mounted design looks beautiful, and it is affordable. You will enjoy using this dehumidifier.

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