Melhor desumidificador doméstico para academia em casa

Deye has the safe dehumidifier. Its refrigerant is R134a, which runs quiet and is suitable for personal use.

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purificação do ar

personal dehumidifier clothes drying

Auto Dehumidifying

quiet dehumidifier has sleeping mode

Built in Ionizer

8 hours Timing off

LED Display with Touch Keys

best safe dehumidifier has safety child lock function

Convenient Cord Bracket

R134a refrigerant dehumidifier

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2cm HEPA Filter

2cm Carbon Filter

2cm HEPA+CARBON 2 in 1 Filter


Drainage pipe 60cm / Customized 

This is the best dehumidifier for basements and lower rooms such as the indoor gym. The gym is usually prone to moisture, but you can enjoy gym sessions in comfort with this dehumidifier. In addition to removing moisture, it is also designed to purify the air. The clean air feature is also a great idea for under the house where moisture can cause a foul odor.

Smart humidity sensor

The best under house dehumidifier comes with a smart sensor. This unique feature allows you to monitor the air quality and moisture in a basement or gym. The sensor checks the humidity level in close intervals. When this is done, you can view the report on the smart LED screen. The humidity sensor is reliable so, you can turn off your dehumidifier to save power when the sensor indicates the area is okay.

Fast drainage system

There is a drain pipe connected to the best under house dehumidifier. The drain pipe ensures that the tank does not get filled up. The unit is installed to allow the excess water collected to drain away from the tank quickly. The draining system relies on gravity, which is excellent and reliable.

Detachable filter

As part of the maintenance process, you can remove the filter. It is washed and dried. Then you can replace it in the dehumidifier. The fact that you can reuse the filter is a huge advantage. It saves you the stress of buying a new filter often.

Turbo mode

The turbo mode is activated when you notice obvious signs of water or moisture in the area. The turbo mode increases the fan’s functionality, thereby removing more water from the gym.

Overall, this is an excellent dehumidifier for gyms and under your house. It is easy to move and works with a seamless flow that requires no monitoring.

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12L/day(27°C RH60%), 23L/day(30°C RH80%)

Fonte de energia

220-240 V/50 Hz

Consumo de energia


Volume de ar

Hig:180m3/h; Medium:155m3/h; Low:135m3/h

Nível de ruído

High: 45dB(A); Medium: 42dB(A); Low: 40dB(A);

Capacidade do tanque


Temperaturas operacionais


Peso líquido


Peso bruto


Tamanho do produto (L×P×A)

376 × 232 × 562 mm

Tamanho da Embalagem (L×P×A)

445 × 310 × 650 mm

Quantidade de carregamento 20'GP


Quantidade de carregamento 40'GP


Quantidade de carregamento 40'HQ


Reinicialização Automática


Tela digital


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