Desumidificador comercial com mangueira de drenagem

A caixa de combinação simples e branca e preta é o melhor desumidificador de banheiro de grau comercial de 70 pints com bomba


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※. Temporizador de até 24 horas

※. Função de descongelamento automático

※. Drenagem contínua opcional

※. Alarme cheio de água e função de desligamento automático

※. Refrigerante ecológico R410a

※. Fácil de transportar com alça pull-up

※. Filtro de ar lavável

※. Fácil de mover com rodízios

The inclusion of a drain hose in this package makes it an ideal commercial dehumidifier for continuous drainage. It is a perfect option for anyone who wants to maintain the normal humidity conditions in basements or construction sites. The drain hose featured with this model is flexible and long.

The flexible feature makes it easy to fold and store the drain hose after using the dehumidifier. Also, the drain hose is made from durable materials that lower the chances of experiencing leaks. At the same time, it is connected to the commercial dehumidifier.

High Water Removal Capacity

The water tank can hold up to 170 pints of water. The drain hose is connected to the water tank and the excess water is pumped out when it reaches maximum level in the tank. The fast water removal capacity is ideal for situations when the water must be removed quickly.

Smaller models are also available for basements or areas where removing the water is not too much. These models feature a turbo button that can significantly increase the fan speed.

Fácil Manuseio

There are four sturdy wheels at the base of this dehumidifier. The wheels can turn 360 degrees, making it easy to maneuver the dehumidifier through tight corners. The wheels are designed to move smoothly. However, when necessary, a few drops of oil can free up stiff wheels.

The unit also features recessed handles at the upper part of the external covering. The handles are used to lift and move the dehumidifier easily. The outer cover is made from durable plastics, which makes it easy to clean. This is done using a moist cloth that has been soaked in water. Stains can be removed easily.

Low Power Consumption

The fan and compressor units installed in this dehumidifier make them one of the best choices for people who need to conserve power. The pump is also designed to consume minimal power.

These features are essential to rate the model as one of the most energy-efficient commercial dehumidifier options in the market. The power cord has the following rating – 110V/60Hz. Which is adequate for average power consumption. The auto-shutdown feature also reduces power consumption to a considerable level

Performance Rating

The dehumidifier has an outstanding performance rating because of its functional parts. The unit has an average moisture removal capacity of 170 PPD. This is higher than expected, and it is excellent for long-term use in greenhouses or construction sites where the humidity level must be maintained.

The moisture removal rate is also excellent because it can lower the chances of experiencing mold growth. In addition, the model has an impressive airflow rate of 210 CFM, and it is usable in areas as large as 3,000 Sq. Ft.

Auto Defrost Feature

The water in the tank is always kept in liquid form because of the auto defrost feature. This is how continuous drainage operation is maintained when the unit is powered for long hours. It can be used for 24-hours when necessary. The metal parts of the dehumidifier have been protected against corrosion.

Informação adicional




30L/dia(27°C RH60%), 50L/dia(30°C RH80%)

Fonte de energia

220-240 V/50 Hz

Consumo de energia

720 W

Volume de ar


Nível de ruído


Capacidade do tanque


Temperaturas operacionais


Peso líquido


Peso bruto


Tamanho do produto (L×P×A)

397 × 330 × 630 milímetros

Tamanho da Embalagem (L×P×A)

480 × 420 × 710 milímetros

Quantidade de carregamento 20'GP

204 unidades

Quantidade de carregamento 40'GP

408 unidades

Quantidade de carregamento 40'HQ

408 unidades

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