Portable Small Whole House Dehumidifier

DEYE’s F series dehumidifier with comfortable design and high efficiency dehumidifying capacity help to prevent the damp and mould, keep the humidity in suitable level. F series dehumidifier with three different design top covers and different control to meet all you wanted.

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Modell DYD-F20A412
Extraktion 20L/dag (30°C RH80%)
11,5L/dag (27°C RH60%)
Strömförsörjning 220-240V/50Hz
Energiförbrukning 320W
Luftvolym 135m3/h
Ljudnivå 46dB(A)
Tank kapacitet 5,5 L
Driftstemperaturer 5°C-35°C
Nettovikt 13,2 kg
Bruttovikt 14,5 kg
Produktstorlek (B×D×H) 385 × 290 × 595 mm
Förpackningsstorlek (B×D×H) 415 × 325 × 660 mm
Loading Quantity 20’GP 294 st
                            40'GP 588 st
                            40'HQ 784 st
Automatisk omstart Ja
Digital skärm Ja
Kompressor Roterande 


※. Upp till 24 timmars timer
※. Automatisk avfrostning funktion
※. Automatisk svängfunktion
※. Valfri kontinuerlig dränering
※. Vatten fullt larm och automatisk avstängningsfunktion
※. Miljövänligt köldmedium R134a
※. Lätt att bära med uppfällbart handtag
※. Tvättbart luftfilter
※. Aktivt kol/HEPA-filter som tillval
※. Lätt att flytta runt med rullande hjul

Compact and Portable

The portable whole house dehumidifier is suitable for a small room. You can easily put the mini dehumidifier anywhere you want it in your home. It is compact, stylish, and suitable for high humidity in your bathroom, closet, basement, kitchen, and living room.

You and your family can enjoy fresher air and avoid the discomfort of living in a humid, moldy environment. It comes with a pull-up handle and rolling casters that make it easy to carry around.

Quality Air

This upgraded dehumidification takes away gloomy wet days by keeping moisture levels below 45%. It is ideal for your homes and can be placed in any part of your house. It improves the air quality leaving a fresher scent in your home.

Ultra Quiet Dehumidifier

Our portable whole house dehumidifier uses a high-efficiency compressor to reduce noise. It is so quiet, you can even forget the dehumidifier is there. It also provides a restful night rest without any disturbances.

Auto Shut off Function

The dehumidifier automatically stops working after the moisture reaches its maximum safe capacity. This protects the small whole house dehumidifier from damage and prevents electric shock.

Modern Appearance Design

The portable small whole house dehumidifier features an easy-to-operate digital control panel. It is manufactured with the modern consumer in mind and comes with multi-function features. The dehumidifier can auto-start and shut down according to the humidity you set.

It comes with a dry mode feature excellent for drying wet clothes quickly using high fan speed. The continuous mode is excellent for areas with high moisture where continuous dehumidification is essential.

The three modes and 24 hours timer switch function give you great value for money. It is also aesthetically pleasing and can blend with many interior decors.

Auto Shutoff Function

The portable small whole house dehumidifier is safe and easy to use. You don’t need any technical skills to operate it. It comes with only one power button, which makes it convenient for anyone to use. The blue light indicates the dehumidifier is on, and it turns red when it completes its course. The auto-shut-off function and full water alarm protect the tank, and you can switch it back on after emptying the water tank.

Energy Saving and Environmental Friendly

It is built with materials that are safe and eco-friendly. The dehumidifier is designed to consume a small amount of electricity, which helps save energy bills compared to traditional dehumidifiers.

Our portable dehumidifier is long-lasting, efficient, and can remove a significant amount of moisture from your home. It is ideal for different sections of your home. You can also enjoy expert tech support when you order from us.


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