Dehumidifiers Vs Tumble Dryers,Which Is More Practical?

The working principle of the dryer is to generate heat through the heater, and then dissipate the heat by a small DC fan to form a relatively closed high-speed high-temperature airflow space in the dryer cover. The high-temperature airflow flows through the surface of the clothes that need to be dried, heats the clothes, and takes away the evaporated water to make the clothes dry quickly. Common heating methods include heating wire heating and semiconductor (PTC) heating.


According to the dry capacity division, it is mainly divided into:


1. The square dryer consist of two parts: the sub-tank and the main unit. The PTC heating element generates heat. It is a dryer when it is in operation and can act as a wardrobe when it is not in operation.

2. The main machine of the circular dryer is to use the heat generated by the heating element to send the heat into the drying hood, and accelerate the convection through the vent hole. It is mainly composed of three parts: a heater, an umbrella stand and a cylindrical cover. The heater is at the lower center and can be used for heating.

3. The drum dryer is driven by the suction of the exhaust fan. After the air is heated by the heat exchanger, the rotating inner cylinder continuously flips the dried material for heat exchange, so that the moisture content of the fabric is heated and vaporized out of the machine to reach The purpose of drying clothes in a short time.

4. The warm air dryer uses PTC heating element to generate heat, generally consists of heating body, bracket, tarpaulin cover, clothes hanging, towel hanging and so on. A multi-purpose machine, light and convenient, with a heater, dryer and wardrobe.


The dehumidifier is designed for use in wet environments. It can remove moisture and suspended particles from the air by running. It not only makes the air dry and fresh, but also effectively improves the wet living and production environment and prevents mold in a humid environment. Therefore, the dehumidifier can be widely used in the home and industrial fields, and the effect is also large.


Therefore, in terms of the drying function, the dehumidifier can’t replace the tumble dryer. The advantage of the tumble dryer is that it dries quickly and is not limited by weather conditions, but the power consumption is staggering (usually about 1-2 kW). The function of the dehumidifier is to remove moisture from the air and low power consumption (generally about 20W for household 20L / D dehumidifiers). Wide range of applications, drying clothes is just a function of the dehumidifier, and it takes a long time. When your boots are wet, the dehumidifier can be turned on for one night and the boots can be worn on the next day.

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