Origin Of The Dehumidifier

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The main producers of global dehumidifiers are concentrated in Italy, Japan, China and Taiwan, and China’s position in the global dehumidifier market is increasingly prominent. In particular, industrial dehumidifiers are used in medicine, hospitals, electronics, computers, and food industries; household dehumidifiers have only just started in China’s domestic market and have not been fully recognized by Chinese consumers.


A brief history of development


Dehumidifiers have been in the Chinese market for decades. But the dehumidifier has been in the initial state. And the market of dehumidifier China is still in its infancy. Dehumidifiers have very limited market capacity in China. Only the export that supports the growth of dehumidifiers for many years. China has taken a new ladder in five years. However, in the following days, the dehumidifier industry was affected by raw materials, and the profit situation was not optimistic. The main reason for the market size of China’s dehumidifiers is consumption awareness and consumption levels. In addition to this, there are product technologies, publicity, and so on. Therefore, China’s dehumidifier market has yet to be developed. The dehumidifier China price is almost as the same as in overseas.


The current situation of dehumidifier analysis


The situation in the field of industrial dehumidifiers is very different. The industrial dehumidifier is mainly based on the domestic market. Its sales account for 60% of the total domestic sales, and the sales ratio exceeds 90%. The market for commercial machines has not really developed. The sales situation is similar to that of the home machine, and it is in a relatively passive situation. Dehumidifiers are used in many units and locations, but they are not well understood and are not included in the scope of procurement. There are also very few procurement bidding projects for dehumidifiers. Customers need to take the initiative to dig, and they need “curve” marketing. Even the dehumidifier is only allocated to users as an accessory product.


Product features


There are two main types of dehumidifiers. First, professional dehumidifiers are dominated by household and commercial dehumidifiers. These companies have obvious advantages in technology and domestic and international sales channels. Second, industrial enterprises are mainly industrial constant temperature. Wet air-conditioning units are well-known. These companies have high technical content and sales channels are mainly engineering projects, which is the largest resource for traditional commercial air-conditioning enterprises.