Best 30 Pint Dehumidifier for Basement

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Model NO. DYD-F20A
Moisture Removal Capacity 20L/day(30°C RH80%)
12L/day(27°C RH60%)
Power Supply 220-240V/50Hz
Rated Power 320W
Rated Current 1.6A
Air Volume 160m3/h
Noise Level 46dB/A
Water Tank Capacity 5.5L
Operating Range 5°C-35°C
Net Weight 13.2kg
Gross Weight 14.5kg
Product Size 385 × 290 × 595 mm
Packing Size 415 × 325 × 660 mm
Features 1. Electric control
2. Up to 24 hours timer
3. Rotary compressor
4. Auto restart functon
5. Auto defrosting function
6. Auto swing function
7. Optional continuous drainage
8. Water full alarm and automatic shut-off function

9. Environment-friendly refrigerant R134a

10.Easy to carry with pull-up handle

11.Washable air filter

12.Optional active carbon/HEPA filter

13.Easy to move around with rolling casters

Warranty 1 year
Payment T/T ,L/C
Optional extras Drainage pipe

It is essential to remove moisture from the atmosphere, to balance the overall humidity level. This is the best 30-pint dehumidifier for basements, designed to remove up to thirty pints of moisture within 24-hours. It is a fast-acting dehumidifier model suitable for use when you want fast action to get rid of dampness in the basement.

Excellent Drainage System

The dehumidifier comes with a massive water tank that can last for many hours. The drainage system detects a maximum water level. It eliminates excess water through a rigid silicone hose fitted at the back of the unit.
The hose is flexible and made to be tough to withstand wear or tear. When the tank is full, the drainage system is automatically activated to remove excess water neatly without causing a spill.

Detachable Filter

The filter that has been installed in this system is detachable. This allows you to remove it and wash it after using the unit a few times. The reusable filter enhances user experience, making this one of the best and cost-effective dehumidifiers for basements.
In addition to the advantage of having a reusable filter, other parts of the dehumidifier require minimal maintenance. With basic knowledge about its functions, you can keep the unit running smoothly for many years.

Portable Size

The compact design of this 30-pint dehumidifier makes it a good choice for different sizes of basements. The weight is also reasonable, it comes with inbuilt handles, which you can use to lift and carry the unit from one location to another easily.
It will occupy only a minimal space and works effectively in large spaces measuring up to 1800 square feet. This means the dehumidifier unit is an excellent choice for all types of basements.
Most reviews about the portable size commend the manufacturer’s design choices. This dehumidifier can be used in different parts of the home after restoring the basement’s atmospheric conditions. The different models weigh between 23 to 33 pounds, depending on the capacity of the installed water tank.

Noiseless Operation

The fan in this 30-pint dehumidifier for the basement is noiseless. It emits less than 35 dB when it is in use. The noiseless operation is convenient for use in residential homes, especially when running the dehumidifier for long hours during winter. Family members can enjoy a good night’s sleep while this dehumidifier unit works for a few hours at night.
The packaging dimensions are not excessive. This means shipping costs won’t be too high. The package is shipped in compact cartons with shock absorbers inside. The product specifications have been indicated on the carton for easy identification.
The unit works with a direct AC current powered through a cord. It does not require batteries to function. Overall, this is an ideal dehumidifier for people living in regions that can become very humid and uncomfortable. And its top-rated digital display, which is also labeled, makes it very easy to use this dehumidifier for your basement.

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