Rechargeable Dehumidifiers for Windowless Bathroom

compact dehumidifier has built in ionizer, compressor dehumidifier in bathroom has laundry drying.

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Detail of rechargeable dehumidifiers for bathroom


laundry drying
built-in ionizer
easy roll castors
auto dehumidifying
touch panel
auto stop
sleep mode
continuous drainage
outage memory

Accessory Selectable

Drainage pipe 60cm / Customized

Certification Programs


Product Description

This is the best choice if you have been wondering how to get a rechargeable dehumidifiers for the bathroom. A dehumidifier for windowless bathroom are more prone to becoming too humid and uncomfortable. But with this dehumidifier, you are free from all that problem.
This dehumidifier has been tested and trusted by many users. The best comments highlight its portable size. The sturdy handle makes it possible to move this unit easily. It also comes with a solid outer frame that protects the internal components.

Automated sensor

The sensor is designed to monitor the humidity conditions in your bathroom. This is an essential feature because it helps to keep your bathroom comfortable at all times. You won’t see signs of mold or wetness that can cause further bacteria growth. Therefore, using this dehumidifier is also for promoting good health among family members.

Low noise level

Producing an operating sound of less than 45 Db, the rechargeable dehumidifiers for the bathroom is soundless and less disruptive. It can be used in spas and saunas where your clients desire a peaceful environment to relax. The low sound level is achieved because of the fan in the unit, which is high quality.

Rechargeable feature

You don’t need to worry about spending a fortune to buy batteries. With this dehumidifier, all you need to do is keep it charged. Also, if there is no power source in the bathroom, you can use it there conveniently and recharge it when the battery power goes down. After a full recharge, the dehumidifier can continue working for many hours, convenient for people who need to use it often.
Also, the filter is detachable. It can be cleaned after use and replaced. This saves you the cost of buying expensive replacements. We recommend this rechargeable dehumidifiers for the bathroom; it is a good choice with versatile functions.

Additional information


12L/day(30°C RH80%), 6.5L/day(27°C RH60%)

Power Supply


Power Consumption


Air Volume

High: 135m3/h; Medium: 125m3/h; Low: 105m3/h

Noise Level

High: 43dB(A); Medium: 40dB(A); Low: 37dB(A)

Operating Temperatures


Net Weight


Gross Weight


Product Size (W×D×H)

360 × 234 × 569 mm

Packing Size (W×D×H)

425 × 275 × 627 mm

Loading Quantity 20’GP


Loading Quantity 40’GP


Loading Quantity 40’HQ


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