Whether It Is A Good Choice To Dehumidify With Air Conditioning?

In order to deal with the humid climate and the unfavorable geographical conditions on the ground floor, the author used a solution with a large air volume and fresh air ventilation. This humidity performed well in late winter and throughout the spring, even in the most humid bathroom, the towel was aired inside. I did it in one night. At that time, the local humidity was between 60-80%. According to past practice, there will be no problem in summer.

However, I just caught up with the continuous rainstorm that I didn’t know for a few years. The outdoor humidity was 95+%. The fresh air volume did not get the effect of the wet surface in the evaporation chamber. Instead, it brought in more moisture and dehumidified by ventilation. The solution is completely ineffective and can only be considered for forced dehumidification to extract the air inside.

Common dehumidification methods are air conditioners and dehumidifiers, but there are only air conditioners around, and whether you need to buy dehumidifiers, you need to study them.

In accordance with the usual practice, in order to save the time of the friends, first of all, the conclusion: the dehumidification effect of the air conditioner is much better than the dehumidifier, but it is not perfect.

Advantages of air conditioning dehumidification:

1 Under normal circumstances, there is very little time for dehumidification in a year. Strengthening ventilation can meet most of the dehumidification needs, so the dehumidifier has a high idle rate. Air conditioning is almost a must for every family and no extra purchase is required.

2 Under the same power consumption and working conditions, the dehumidification capacity of air conditioner (first-class inverter) is far greater than that of dehumidifier.

Disadvantages of air conditioning dehumidification:

1 The process of dehumidification must be accompanied by cooling unless the outdoor unit is placed indoors.

2 Air conditioners usually do not have a humidity sensor, and automatic control requires assistance from other equipment.

The compromise solution: simple and cheap – dehumidifier

Although the dehumidifier does not win the air conditioner under the same working conditions, the dehumidifier is flexible and free to install, which facilitates its connection with the fresh air. Due to the high humidity of the fresh air, it is a favorable working condition, so that the dehumidifier can barely compare the dehumidification capacity with the air conditioner. The disadvantage is that an additional dehumidifier is required, and a certain amount of hands-on ability is required to connect the fresh air to the dehumidifier.

Both the air conditioner and the dehumidifier can dehumidify, but the name of the dehumidifier is dehumidified. Is the dehumidifier more potent than the air conditioner? Study to see slightly ~ The same dry goods are more, you need to know a little about the heat pump, you can refer to my previous article.

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