Which Humidifier to Buy

To deal with relatively dry weather, using a humidifier is undoubtedly a good choice, but when buying a humidifier, you should pay attention to the following issues.

One must understand the relevant knowledge. There are many humidification methods for humidifiers. The main ones sold in the market are ultrasonic, evaporative, and composite. Ultrasonic humidifiers have the characteristics of low noise, small size, low power consumption, and low price, but they have higher water quality requirements. Evaporative humidifier for water quality
Although the requirements are not high, because of the need for a larger air volume, a larger body is generally used, and the filter element needs to be replaced regularly, and the power and noise will be higher than that of an ultrasonic humidifier. The compound humidifier uses the above two or more humidification methods at the same time to realize the humidification function. Consumers should carefully understand the product type and humidification principle when buying, and choose a reasonable choice according to personal needs.

Second, we must choose a rest assured brand. There are many brands of humidifiers on the market, and the prices vary. It is recommended that consumers go to reputable large-scale supermarkets or e-commerce companies to purchase humidifiers produced by regular manufacturers. Pay attention to check whether the product identification is complete, the humidification capacity, power, and noise of the product Whether the indicators are clearly marked.

Third, pay attention to humidity control. According to experiments, people feel the most suitable and beneficial to health when the humidity is 40% to 60%. Therefore, it is best to use a humidifier with automatic constant humidity function. Only when the indoor humidity is lower than the standard range, the machine will start humidifying, and it will be reduced if the indoor humidity is higher than this range. The amount of fog stops humidifying. If you use a humidifier without automatic constant humidity function, it is best to put a hygrometer indoors to know the air humidity at any time and adjust the working condition of the humidifier according to the humidity.

Fourth, we must pay attention to water quality requirements. Some humidifiers have requirements for water quality when they are in use. If ordinary tap water is used, powder and scale are prone to be produced. Consumers are advised to use pure water or distilled water as much as possible. It should also be noted that the humidifier should be cleaned regularly. If the water in the humidifier is stored for a long time, it is particularly easy to multiply bacteria and cause respiratory diseases.

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