Application value of dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers can remove damp moisture through operation and make the air dry. They are widely used in computer rooms (medicine, electricity, telecommunications), workshops and warehouses (electronics, footwear, clothing, tobacco, food, leather, glass, paper) , Archives management (banks, public security, museums, archives, government agencies) and other small-space environments, homes, etc. mentioned above.

1. Household dehumidifier

The household dehumidifier is developed for the harsh and humid environment. It can not only effectively improve the humid living and production environment and make it reach the ideal state, but also remove the mold brought by the humid environment. The dehumidifier can remove the damp water by running It removes suspended particles and makes the air dry. It is also an air purifier. The household dehumidifier is used in all aspects of production and life to create a comfortable, dry and quiet modern living space for users.

The research report of household dehumidifiers pointed out that the human body has high requirements for the humidity of the living environment. The relative humidity is preferably 55-65%, preferably not less than 50% in winter and not more than 80% in summer. If the humidity is too high, it is easy to cause: ① clothes and leather damp and mold; ② food, medicine, tobacco deterioration; ③ electrical appliances and precision instruments damp and damaged; ④ water stains on the walls and floors, resulting in damp and moldy documents, decorations and collections; ⑤ spring bacteria Breeding, it is easy to induce respiratory diseases and rheumatism; it is difficult for the human body to dissipate heat in summer, which increases the chance of heatstroke; ⑥ In winter, heat conduction will be accelerated, making people feel cold. It can be seen that reducing the humidity is not only a concern for the storage department, but also for the people who live at home. At present, the main production areas of global household dehumidifiers are concentrated in Australia, Italy, Japan and Taiwan.


2. Industrial dehumidifier

Industrial dehumidifiers are very professional electromechanical equipment, and people do not know enough about them. When selecting dehumidifiers, they often make simple selection based on the area of ​​the dehumidified area. Industrial workshops, warehouses and other air purification equipment that belong to process requirements have strict requirements for target humidity.
Therefore, industrial dehumidifiers and other dehumidification equipment cannot be selected based solely on the area of ​​use. Professional industrial dehumidifier suppliers select models based on the overall wet load of the use site. Specifically, the dehumidifier is used to calculate key parameters such as total refrigeration capacity and dehumidification capacity per unit time based on comprehensive factors such as its area, floor height, initial humidity value, target humidity value, indoor airtightness, moisture source, fresh air supply, etc. Selection

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