Classification of Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifier products can be divided into two categories: household dehumidifiers and industrial dehumidifiers, and industrial dehumidifiers are subdivided into two categories for civil and industrial use in the industry.

Generally, there are many types of dehumidifiers, and the principles of different types of dehumidifiers are also different.

The principle of refrigerated air dehumidification: freezing the air below the dew point, and then removing the condensed moisture.

Compressed air air dehumidification principle: compress the humid air to increase its dew point and separate its moisture.

The principle of liquid absorption air dehumidification: the spray of lithium chloride aqueous solution is used to absorb water. The dew point can be lowered to around, but the equipment is larger and the absorbent must be replaced.

The principle of desiccant adsorption air dehumidification: It contains a rotating mechanism composed of several vertical modules and the whole module is filled with desiccant.

The dehumidifier used in different situations is also different, such as refrigerated air dehumidification. The principle is to freeze the air below the dew point and then remove the condensed moisture. Simple and easy, the most common way. The refrigerating dehumidifier is an air conditioning equipment used for air temperature and humidity adjustment. It has the characteristics of a heat pump. It not only uses the cooling capacity of the evaporator to cool and dehumidify the air, but also uses the heat released by the condenser to heat the air with a reduced moisture content. Air has the characteristics of regulating temperature and humidity.

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