Dehumidifier Application Range And Function

The dehumidifier is developed for wet and poor ring mirrors. It can remove moist moisture and suspended particles by running, which not only makes the air dry and fresh, but also effectively improves the moist living and production environment and prevents the humid environment. Mold, so the dehumidifier is widely used in the home and industrial fields, and the role is also very large.


1. Wardrobe: It can effectively dry clothes quickly. When it encounters wet and rainy weather, the clothes will dry completely.

2. Study: Prevent photos, books and magazines in the home from breeding bacteria, mildew, affecting hygiene and reading;

3. Living room: reduce indoor humidity, make the human body feel comfortable, reduce the occurrence of neuralgia, arthritis, asthma and other diseases;

4. Underground parking lot: In a humid environment, the dehumidifier can quickly and effectively remove moisture;

5. Archives/Library/Bank Box Office: Prevent damage to files, books, paper products, resurgence, yellowing, and insects;

6. Computer room: It can effectively protect computers, lines, etc. from moisture damage;

7. Power distribution room: quickly and effectively remove the humid air, avoiding the air being too humid to produce a short circuit;

8. Food factory: reduce air humidity, can better preserve food clean and hygienic;

9. Electronics factory: Wet weather can effectively ensure the normal detection of various electronic products.

10. Lumber Factory/Furniture Factory/Leather Goods Factory: remove humid air and keep the furniture dry and not deformed;

11. Printing house / paper mill: to ensure the normal humidity of the ink, to keep the paper dry;

12. Precision instrument workshop: to ensure the normal use of various precision equipment, not affected by environmental humidity;

13. Laboratory: Effectively avoid environmental impacts for various physical, chemical, etc.;

14. Photographic camera equipment: The dehumidifier can effectively protect the photographic equipment from drying, so that it does not need to be wiped frequently due to moisture;

15. Drug warehouse: keep the medicine dry and dry, effectively prevent the mildew and deterioration of the medicine;

16. Large-scale storage: Dehumidifiers are a good choice for storage, stacking, and storage of goods;


It is reported that the dehumidifier is a professional electric appliance that regulates air humidity. It is also the main moisture-proof dehumidification equipment on the market. It has the characteristics of convenient use, high dehumidification efficiency, adjustable humidity control and low noise energy saving. It has been popularized in Europe, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and in recent years, it has become increasingly popular in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Suzhou, Guangdong and other regions.

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