120L Industrial Dehumidifier for Greenhouse

This industrial use greenhouse dehumidifier is powerful with 120 litres water removal capacity per day.

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※. Auto defrosting function

※. External drain connect

※. Auto humidistat control

※. Up to 24 hours programmable timer

※. This unique design for a greenhouse dehumidifier

Model DY-6120EB
Extraction 120L/day(30°C RH80%)
70L/day(27°C RH60%)
Power Supply 220-240V/50Hz
Power Consumption 1190W
Air Volume 720m3/h
Noise Level 60dB(A)
Operating Temperatures 5°C-35°C
Net Weight 51kg
Gross Weight 57.5kg
Product Size (W×D×H) 600 × 382 × 1,000 mm
Packing Size (W×D×H) 670 × 450 × 1,100 mm
Loading Quantity 20’GP 80pcs
40’GP 180pcs
40’HQ 180pcs
Auto Restart Yes
Digital Display Yes
Compressor Rotary


This unique design for a greenhouse is highly effective in removing moisture, drying, and improving air quality. It operates using reliable technology that is energy efficient. It has a 120 liters daily water removal capacity at 30 degrees and 70 liters at 27 degrees.

Humidity Control Solutions

Greenhouse vegetables, green plants, and some other crops require humidity control. Industrial dehumidifier for greenhouse is convenient and effective in food, fruits, vegetables, medicinal crops and spices preservation, fungus breeding, and seafood transportation.

Ideal for Commercial and Industrial Use

It is a common choice for indoor farming and the greenhouse market due to its excellent dehumidification performance. Since it can be easily transported from one building to another and designed with modern applications that can withstand the rough nature of commercial jobs, it is highly sought after by many users for commercial purposes. It can withstand harsh conditions and work for long hours at a stretch without any damage occurring.

Large Moisture Removal Capacity

This large-capacity industrial dehumidifier for greenhouse is excellent at removing moisture. It effectively removes moisture in large spaces like warehouses, garages, shops, and other commercial places. It can remove up to 120 liters of water daily and works well for water damage restoration, fast structural drying, and other jobs that require quick drying.

Designed with Convenience in Mind

The air duct offers great convenience during installation and operation. It is designed in a way where future maintenance is hassle-free and the pump easily accessible. The external pump drain option also allows worry-free drainage.

Dehumidifier with Pump for Easy Drainage

The industrial dehumidifier for greenhouse comes with an internal pump that will automatically drain the condensate facilitating a hassle-free operation. The pump removes the collected water, ensuring stress-free drainage. Users will never experience downtime due to a full bucket.

Smart Design

Deye Industrial dehumidifier for greenhouse is equipped with auto shut off and auto restart. Users can enjoy minimal interaction while the dehumidifier operates. It comes with an alarm system that goes off if the bucket is full, removed, or not appropriately placed. In a power outage or interruption, the device will automatically restart, retaining the previous setting before the power outage.

Deye Industrial dehumidifier for greenhouse is not complicated. Simply set your ideal moisture setting and allow it to run its course. The LED display allows accurate time monitoring.

Auto Defrosting

This unit comes with a unique auto defrosting system which ensures a quick and effective clearing of ice from the coil under a minimum operating temperature of 33.8 degrees.

Built for Easy Movement

It is built to bring ease and comfort to modern consumers. Designed with rollable wheels and handles, you can easily move your dehumidifier from one place to another.


You can enjoy a warranty of up to one year when you purchase the Deye Industrial dehumidifiers for greenhouse and enjoy expert tech support from our representatives. Contact us now to place your order, and you will get a response within a short time.

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