Whole white housing design with 90 litres water removal capacity per day, this industrial use dehumidifier is powerful. You can call it Baymax, it also like Baymax always help you when you need its help to keep your basement, warehouse or anywhere you want it keep dry.

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※. Auto defrosting function

※. External drain connect

※. Auto humidistat control

※. Washable air filter


※. Agriculture

※. Seeds Storage

※. Livestock

※. Automotive

※. Climatic Chambers

※. Confectionary

※. Construction

※. Cyclic Corrosion Chambers

※. Hospitals

※. Hotels

※. Basement

※. Underground garage

Even in commercial places, it is essential to keep the air quality safe and comfortable for everyone. Our industrial air dehumidifier is effective in removing moisture from the air. It is safe, reliable, and durable. Customers who have this dehumidifier in their business places recommend it to friends and family because it has saved them repairs caused by moisture.

Easy to Use and Operate

It is equipped with a large LCD that makes it easy to read even from a far distance. You can get any job done with a few simple button pushes. More so, it has no complicated function button. More so, it is ideal for water damage restoration projects.

Modern Design

The industrial air dehumidifier is built with the modern user in mind. It is stylish, sleek, and powerful. It comes with inbuilt wheels and ergonomically placed handles to make moving from one room to another stress-free. You don’t have to worry about changing its position or using it in another location.

Large Moisture Removal Capacity

This large-capacity industrial air dehumidifier works well to remove moisture. It effectively removes moisture in large spaces like warehouses, garages, shops, and other commercial places. It can remove up to 90 liters of water daily and works well for water damage restoration, fast structural drying, and other jobs that require quick drying.

Auto Humidistat Control

It is designed to bring convenience to users with the auto humidistat control. All you need to do is adjust to your ideal moisture setting. It will sense the room’s humidity and dehumidify. It gets better with the 24-hour timer that allows you to preset the time and turn on or off the machine.

The automatic shut-off/on goes off once the bucket is full and switches on again when the bucket has been emptied. It also has an auto-restart power button that comes on automatically while maintaining previous settings after a power cut.

External Drain Connect

This dehumidifier comes with a long drain hose for continuous drainage, and this takes the hassle away. You don’t have to manually pour water from the water bucket anymore. You need to set your desired humidity, and it will automatically turn off at that point.

Robust Construction

The industrial air dehumidifier is designed with a metal outer casing that is highly effective in preventing collision and corrosion, ensuring long-term usage and minimal maintenance. The sturdy build makes it possible to withstand harsh conditions.

Continuous Operation

One of the best features of the Industrial air dehumidifier is the continuous operation that brings convenience to many users. The automatic humidistat, auto restart, auto defrost, and continuous drainage feature dehumidifies without stress. The machine can function without needing constant attention, making it a perfect choice for commercial and industrial areas.


Our product is designed with durable and high-quality materials that make it long-lasting. When you purchase the industrial air dehumidifier, you can enjoy a warranty and get expert tech support from our representatives. Do not hesitate to contact us for inquiries or if you want to place an order.



Additional information



Power Supply

220-240V~ 50Hz

Dehumidifying Capacity

90L/day(30°C RH80%)
55L/day(27°C RH60%)

Power Consumption


Air Volume


Noise Level


Operating Temperature




Net Weight

44.0 kg

Gross Weight

48.0 kg

Product Size(W x D x H)

480 x 440 x 970 mm

Packing Size(W x D x H)

550 x 490 x 1080 mm

Loading Quantity

20'GP: 88pcs
40'GP: 192pcs
40'HQ: 192pcs

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