Deye eco friendly dehumidifiers are the perfect solution for any home that needs a little extra help managing moisture.

With its air purifying, clothes drying, and auto dehumidifying features, it is sure to make any home more comfortable. The built-in ionizer increases the air quality and provides a fresh, clean smell. The 24-hour timer and LED display, plus touch panel, make it easy to set and use.

The convenient cord bracket and safety child lock features conveniently keep the dehumidifier in one place. It also comes with 43mm HEPA + Carbon 2 in 1 Filter, 30cm and 60cm drainage pipes, and is certified by GS, CE and RoHS.

  • Air Purifying
  • Clothes Drying
  • Sleeping Mode
  • Auto Dehumidifying
  • Built- In lonizer
  • 24 Hours Timer-off
  • LED Display + Touch Panel
  • Safety Child Lock
  • Convenient Cord Bracket
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The Deye DYD-U24A is an eco friendly dehumidifier perfect for keeping any home dry and comfortable. As one of the most eco friendly dehumidifiers on the market, the DYD-U24A offers powerful moisture removal along with energy-saving and environmentally conscious features.

This eco friendly dehumidifier can extract up to 23 liters of moisture per day. It uses a reliable, eco-friendly R134a refrigerant and requires only 240 watts of power for efficient operation. The DYD-U24A earned CE, GS, and RoHS certifications for its eco friendly design.

Top features that make the DYD-U24A one of the most eco friendly dehumidifiers are the inclusion of a HEPA and carbon air filter for purifying the air, an automatic dehumidistat for energy-saving moisture control, and a 24-hour timer for convenience. The air ionizer further helps this eco friendly dehumidifier freshen indoor air.

As an eco friendly dehumidifier, the DYD-U24A also comes equipped with a 4.5 liter tank capacity and drain hose options for continuous operation. Easy-to-use electronic controls with an LED display, a safety child lock, and cord storage round out the user-friendly design of this thoughtfully made eco friendly dehumidifier.

In summary, the Deye DYD-U24A earns its reputation as an eco friendly dehumidifier with its energy-efficient operation, air-purifying filter, and user-friendly features. It’s an eco-conscious choice for whole-home dehumidification.

Accessory Selectable

43mm HEPA + Carbon 2 in 1 Filter
Drainage Pipe 30cm / 60cm / Customized

Certification Programs

GS, CE, RoHS Approved by SGS





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