Introducing the Deye GE-F60 Series, a state-of-the-art energy storage solution designed for both residential and commercial applications. This series boasts a robust Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery system, ensuring safety, reliability, and longevity. With its advanced features and high-performance capabilities, the GE-F60 Series is the perfect choice for those seeking a sustainable and efficient power management system.

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The Deye GE-F60 Series represents the pinnacle of energy storage technology, offering unparalleled safety, efficiency, and scalability. With its comprehensive set of features and robust design, it is an ideal choice for anyone looking to enhance their energy independence and contribute to a more sustainable future.

High-Efficiency Power Management

  • Integrated EMS, Hybrid Inverter, and BMS: The GE-F60 Series comes with an integrated Energy Management System (EMS), hybrid inverter, and Battery Management System (BMS), providing seamless power supply management.
  • Power Supply Redundancy Design: Ensures continuous operation, even in the event of a component failure, enhancing system reliability.
  • Black Start Function: The system can restart itself from a complete shutdown without the need for external power, making it ideal for areas prone to power outages.
  • Off-Grid Operation: Capable of operating independently from the power grid, offering energy security and independence.

Safety and Protection

  • Temperature Control: Rated power operation ensures the maximum temperature of the battery remains below 40°C, preventing overheating.
  • Advanced Safety Features: Includes combustible gas, smoke, and temperature detection, along with an active exhaust and fire alarm system to mitigate risks.
  • Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Solution: Both the battery pack and system are equipped with an aerosol fire extinguishing solution for added safety.

Performance and Scalability

  • High Rate Cyclic Charging/Discharging: Ideal for scenarios requiring frequent and rapid power cycling.
  • Expandable Storage Capacity: Supports battery expansion up to a maximum capacity of 360 kWh, catering to growing energy needs.
  • System Expansion Options: The system can be scaled up to 500 kW / 600 kWh, with the AC side of the inverter capable of paralleling with up to ten machines.

Technical Specifications

  • Cell Chemistry: LiFePO4 for stability and durability.
  • Module Energy: 5.12 kWh per module.
  • System Energy: 61.44 kWh total, with 55.29 kWh usable energy.
  • Charge/Discharge Current: Flexible options with a recommended 50 A, nominal 100 A, and a peak discharge of 125 A for 2 minutes at 25°C.
  • Operating Conditions: Charging temperature range from 0 to 55°C and discharging from -20 to 55°C.
  • Humidity and Altitude Tolerance: Designed to operate within 5% to 85% RH and at altitudes up to 2000 m.
  • Enclosure Rating: IP55, ensuring protection against dust and low-pressure water jets.
  • Dimensions and Weight: 780 x 1056 x 2235 mm and approximately 1.2 T.
  • Installation: Floor-mounted for ease and convenience.
  • Cycle Life: Over 6000 cycles at 25°C ± 2°C  with a 0.5 C charge/discharge rate, maintaining at least 70% of the original capacity.
  • Warranty: 10-year product warranty, ensuring long-term reliability and customer satisfaction.
  • Certifications: CE, IEC62619, IEC62040, UN38.3, meeting international safety and quality standards.

Ideal Applications

The Deye GE-F60 Series is versatile and can be used in a variety of settings, including but not limited to:

  • Residential energy storage
  • Commercial and industrial energy management
  • Emergency power backup
  • Off-grid power solutions
  • Renewable energy integration



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