GE-FH60 / GE-FL60

Deye’s GE-FL60 and GE-FH60 are advanced lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery energy storage systems designed for high-performance energy storage applications. With robust safety features, integrated battery management, and expandable capacity, these systems provide reliable and efficient energy storage solutions.

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Key Features:

• LFP battery chemistry for high safety and long cycle life
• Modular design with 5.12 kWh battery modules
• Expandable capacity up to 360 kWh
• Integrated battery management system (BMS) for monitoring and control
• EMS and hybrid inverter technology for flexible operation
• Aerosol fire suppression system for enhanced safety
• Combustible gas, smoke, and heat detection with active ventilation
• IP55-rated enclosure for indoor and outdoor installation
• 10-year warranty for peace of mind



• System Nominal Voltage: 307.2V
• System Operating Voltage: 240-350V
• System Energy: 61.44 kWh
• System Usable Energy: 55.29 kWh
• Charge/Discharge Current: 100A nominal, 125A peak


• System Nominal Voltage: 614.4V
• System Operating Voltage: 480-700V
• System Energy: 61.44 kWh
• System Usable Energy: 55.29 kWh
• Charge/Discharge Current: 50A recommended, 100A nominal, 125A peak

Both systems support working temperatures of 0-55°C for charging and -20-55°C for discharging. The modular architecture allows for system expansion up to 360 kWh to meet larger energy storage requirements.

With over 6000 cycles at 70% capacity retention, the GE-FL60 and GE-FH60 provide long-lasting performance in demanding applications. The integrated safety features, including multi-level electrical protection, fire suppression, and environmental monitoring, ensure secure operation.

Deye’s GE-FL60 and GE-FH60 battery storage systems deliver a comprehensive energy storage solution that combines high performance, expandability, and rigorous safety in a compact floor-mounted package. Backed by a 10-year warranty, these systems provide reliable energy storage for a wide range of stationary applications.



GE-FL60-User Manual.pdf


GE-FH60-User Manual.pdf

DEYE Statement on High Voltage Battery Expansion and Insulation Fault.pdf

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