Best Quiet Dehumidifier for Basement Apartment

Distinctly compact and handy, Deye quiet dehumidifier A12A and A20A are desirable addition for every household to keep humidity in suitable level. Help to prevent mould and damp issue. With an extraction rate of 12 litres and 20 litres per day and low power consumption of 170 watts and 310 watts, let this simple yet functional unit take charge where high humidity prevail for your desired relative humidity level at all times.

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Detail of quiet dehumidifier for basement apartment

Model DYD-A12A4
Extraction 12L/day(30°C RH80%)
6.5L/day(27°C RH60%)
Power Supply 220-240V/50Hz
Power Consumption 170W
Air Volume 110m3/h
Noise Level 44dB(A)
Tank Capacity 4.0L
Operating Temperatures 5°C-35°C
Net Weight 10.5kg
Gross Weight 11.5kg
Product Size (W×D×H) 355 × 180 × 525 mm
Packing Size (W×D×H) 400 × 240 × 590 mm
Loading Quantity 20’GP 540pcs
                            40’GP 1,124pcs
                            40’HQ 1,124pcs
Auto Restart Yes
Digital Display Yes
Compressor Rotary

One of the top criteria for choosing the quiet dehumidifier for a basement apartment is its sound output while in use. It is best to work with a silent dehumidifier. These are noiseless units with low decibel ratings, which makes them ideal for the home.

On average, the sound emission from this dehumidifier is lower than 40dB. There is no worry about disturbing the neighbors or people in the home while using this dehumidifier. Also, the silent operating system reduces vibration, which makes the unit ideal for basements.

Combination Operating Modes

The quiet dehumidifier is best known for its combined modes, which offer users more options and value. The operating options allow users to set the system on normal mode or a continuous mode if the moisture condition in the basement is too critical.

Also, the dry air mode can be activated to dry clothes and destroy molds that may have formed in the basement. Finally, the ventilation mode in this dehumidifier is excellent for eliminating the foul odor from the basement. These modes all function silently.

Interactive Digital Panel

User experience is increased with this dehumidifier because it has an interactive control system. Users can tap on any of the buttons to activate several features. The digital display panel has been well organized to make it easy to find all essential elements.

The most conspicuous features include the power mode button, timer, fan speed, and auto-defrost button. The smart panel responds to the remote control from a significant distance which is convenient for all users

Detachable Water Tank

The water tank can be removed and emptied when it is full. The system is designed to shut down temporarily when the water in the tank reaches the maximum level. Then it is time to remove the tank. The dehumidification process continues when the empty tank is reinstalled in the system.

For busy people, the drainage pipe can be used. It is designed to drain water from the tank using gravity or a pump. Depending on the users’ preference, any drainage methods can be used to keep the system running as expected.

Easy Assembly

The shipping is fast. Depending on the buyer’s location, this unit will be received within the shortest possible time. The product arrives in a carton that has been fortified to protect the dehumidifier from damages while it is moved in transit.

The necessary accessories for assembly and installation have been included in the packaging. Also, there is a user manual to guide the buyer if they are confused about how to assemble the dehumidifier.

Easy Maintenance

The maintenance requirements are minimal. The external covering can be cleaned with a cloth dipped into the water. This is done to remove stains. Also, the wheels at the bottom of the dehumidifier can be oiled if they become pretty stiff over the years.

The wheels can be oiled using regular products designed for such purposes. Batteries in the remote control unit should be changed often for the best performance.

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