What is Rotational Desiccant Dehumidifier

The main structure of the wheel dehumidifier is a continuously rotating honeycomb desiccant drying rotor.
The drying rotor is the key component of the dehumidifier to absorb moisture. It is composed of a corrugated medium made of special composite heat-resistant materials.
The corrugated medium contains moisture absorbent. This design has a compact structure and can provide a huge surface area for full contact between the mixed air and the hygroscopic medium. Thereby greatly improving the dehumidification efficiency of the dehumidifier.
Advantages: The rotary dehumidifier does not need cold coal, so it does not have a compressor, which is about half the weight of a traditional dehumidifier. Because there is no compressor, it is quieter in operation, but compared with the current refrigeration dehumidifier, it is not particularly obvious in the general mode. On the contrary, the silent mode is really very quiet, so quiet that it is almost imperceptible.
Disadvantages: Renewable energy consumption is large and expensive.

What is Rotational Desiccant Dehumidifier

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