what is solution dehumidifier

The solution dehumidification air-conditioning system is a new type of air-conditioning product developed based on the active dehumidification air treatment technology that uses dehumidifying solution as the hygroscopic agent to adjust the air humidity and water as the refrigerant to adjust the air temperature, which can provide fresh air operating conditions;
The core is to use the physical properties of dehumidifiers to achieve efficient dehumidification above the dew point temperature through innovative solution dehumidification and regeneration methods. The system temperature and humidity adjustment is completely carried out in an open atmosphere at normal pressure. It has the technical characteristics of simple manufacture, reliable operation, energy saving and high efficiency.
The system is mainly composed of four basic modules: supply air (fresh air and return air) module, humidity control module, temperature control module and solution regenerator module.
Advantages of solution dehumidifier: When introducing fresh air, the small multifunctional solution dehumidifier exchanges heat with the indoor return air before the fresh air enters the refrigeration dehumidification core. This can recover most of the indoor energy and reduce the fresh air melt into the refrigeration dehumidification core. Value, thereby reducing the thermal load of the compressor, greatly improving the efficiency of the compressor, and high efficiency and energy saving.
Combining innovative liquid dehumidification technology and mature heat pump technology organically, the unit is miniaturized, creating a new high-efficiency air conditioning dehumidification system that can be universally applied, which has the air conditioning quality of a central air conditioning system and a small decentralized air conditioner Convenient and efficient.
Disadvantages: The solution has low dehumidification and moisture permeability, poor strength, and high cost. In addition, additional cold and heat sources are required, and the structure is relatively complicated.


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