Correct Use of Dehumidifier

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With the improvement of living standards, more and more people use dehumidifiers. However, many users have failed to grasp the correct use of the dehumidifier, so that it does not exert the best effect. I will explain the use of household dehumidifiers here.

Dehumidifier use:

1. After opening the packing box, first check whether the machine is in good condition, focusing on the outer packaging and shell of the machine. If you find that the machine is damaged during transportation, you should contact the manufacturer in time for return and exchange.

2. After connecting the power, check whether the display is normal. The displayed contents include: the current indoor humidity, the water level of the water tank, the running state of the fan, and the working state of the machine dehumidification. If any problems are found, please contact the manufacturer or dealer for consultation.

3. It is necessary to set the dehumidifier correctly before starting the operation for the first time. Many users cannot start the dehumidifier due to incorrect settings. There are four keys on the control panel: 1>Press the plus and minus keys to increase or decrease the target humidity, and each press will increase or decrease the humidity by 1%. It should be noted that the target humidity must be set lower than the current humidity. 2>Press the timer button to set the time for the timer to turn on and off the machine, and the validity period is set once every time. 3>Because the dehumidifier has a three-minute delay protection function for the compressor, do not directly unplug the power when the dehumidifier is not needed, but press on/off to shut down.

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