How to Maintenance Dehumidifier

Every family should have one or more dehumidifiers, which can protect family property and make the body healthier.

Dehumidifier maintenance:

1. When the water tank is full or not used for a long time, pull out the water tank in time, pour out the water in the water tank, and reinstall it to the original position. Especially when the used machine needs to be transported over a long distance, you must first check whether the water in the lower tank has been drained.

2. When we have used the dehumidifier, we need to clean the filter regularly to ensure the smooth ventilation of the machine and improve the air purification effect. The method is to first remove the air inlet grid barrier, then remove the filter for cleaning, and then install it back into the machine in order after completion.

3. When encountering a malfunction, do not disassemble or assemble the electrical components by yourself, please contact the manufacturer’s after-sales service, and the professional will guide the maintenance.

In addition, two points need to be paid attention to: First, the power supply used by the dehumidifier needs to be installed by a professional electrician. The second point is that the effect of using conventional dehumidifiers in special environments such as low or high temperatures will not be obvious or even dehumidification. If there is a need for dehumidification under this very temperature, please contact the manufacturer to customize a non-standard dehumidifier.



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