AI-W5.1-ESS (LV)

Matching inverter: AI-W5.1-(5-15)P1, AI-W5.1-12P3
Output power range: 5000W–15000W
System power range: 5–20KWh
Maximum size: 697*240*283mm
Maximum weight: 52kg
Capacity of a single battery pack: 5.12kWh
Recommended depth of discharge: 90%
Certificates: UL, FCC, IEC, CE, VDE
Battery Type: Lithium Iron Phosphate

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energy storage system company

All-in-one Energy Storage System
• All-in-one design, integrated 5/8/12KW hybrid inverter and battery
• Comfortable and easy control via App, PC or Touch-Display
• Leading smart application: peak-shaving, smart load, AC couple, etc
• Modular lithium iron phosphate battery, the capacity of 5kWh~30kWh, scalable and safety
• Flat and stackable design, floor or wall mount, no wiring and extra fixing screws, quick and easy installation.
• Fast switching time of 4ms, ensuring your energy security.
• Offgrid capable
• Supports diesel/gas/LNG generators for off grid buildings

Datasheet-A-LV-All-in-One AI-W5.1-ESS-V2-1
Datasheet-A-LV-All-in-One AI-W5.1-ESS-V2-2

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