Total new design Refrigerant Rotational Dehumidifier The Deye DY-55L dehumidifier with total new design . DY-55L is a professional helper of water damage restoration with dent resistant rotational housing, with high quality removable water pump, high efficiency HEPA filter, easy maintenance PCB. Stack up to two units high for space saving. A rigid handle and big stable wheels ensure easy transport.

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※. Big metal handle

※. Big and stable wheels

※. External drain connect

※. HEAP filter

※. Removable water pump

※. Stackable for storage

※. Auto drainage function

※. Auto defrosting function

※. Easy maintenance PCB

※. Exhaust duct selectable

※. Quick water pipe connector selectable


Accessory Selectable

Customized length drainage pipe


Certification Programs


This is a larger-sized dehumidifier for bigger basements. It can remove up to 50 pints of water from the basement area during a 12-hour dehumidification session. It has an impressive aesthetic appeal, and the features work excellently, making it a top choice for all buyers.
Regardless of its size, the dehumidifier is safe for use in homes with children or pets. The flat base is supported by sturdy universal wheels. These wheels make it possible to use the dehumidifier without worries about the unit tipping over.

Soundless Operation

The sound generated from the system while it operates is lower than 50 dB. This low operating sound is maintained for as long as the unit works. The silent operating system makes the humidifier a good choice for residential homes. It can be used during bedtime without causing a disruption.
In seasons when the humidity level is highest, you can set up this dehumidifier in the basement to work 24/7. There won’t be any complaints from family members or neighbors.

Auto Defrost Function

The settings can be programmed to start auto defrost automatically. This feature keeps water from freezing and damaging the unit. This is a necessary feature considering that the unit is designed to process up to 50 pints of water every time it is used.
That has a significant volume of water. However, the auto defrosts feature prevents unwanted situations and keeps the unit working seamlessly.

Fast Action with a Turbo Button

Basements that have been overtaken by dampness during the rainy season can become really messy without a dehumidifier. This 50-pint model has a fast-acting turbo feature for critical situations. The turbo feature is activated with a tap, and the basement condition is restored to normal in a short while.
The turbo feature is reliable, and it works with smart sensors, which means the system reverts back to normal when the normal humidity level of about 55% is reached.

Detachable Water Tank

The water tank can be emptied when the water in it has reached the maximum level. This is done through a manual drainage hose connected to the water tank. The hose is made from durable silicone material.
It is designed to be flexible and tough enough to withstand extreme temperatures. When necessary, the water tank can be removed and cleaned properly to ensure the system continues functioning normally.
These easy maintenance features can be completed in a few minutes. There is no need to pay a handyman to carry out maintenance because it is simple.

Recommended for Spaces up to 3,000 Square Feet

The heavy-duty features of this unit make it a good choice for use in large areas. It is best for basements that cover up to 3,000 Sq. Ft. The universal wheels at the base also allow you to move the unit from one part of the basement to another if necessary.
Shipping arrangements are excellent. The unit is securely packaged in labeled cartons, with internal shock absorbers and scratch-proof covering.

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