Best Dehumidifier for Attic with Pump

basement dehumidifier with pump

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These dehumidifiers for attic can remove up to 45 pints of moisture from the area during continuous use. These units are rated among the best dehumidifier for attic. The digital display on the control center and other seamless features make this dehumidifier one of the easy-to-use models in the market.
It has a durable exterior covering, which is easy to clean and maintain. The outer casing also provides adequate protection for the internal components that restore the normal humidity conditions in the basement.

What You Can Enjoy

Keep your room at the most comfortable humidity as you want.
Energy saving feature offers you another way to save money.
Auto switch off when water tank full.
Laundry drying function to speed up the clothes drying.

Accessory Selectable

Drainage Pipe 30cm / 60cm / Customized

Certification Programs


HK EER Grade 1 (Low energy consumption)

Low Energy Consumption

During the rainy season, you may need to use this dehumidifier unit for long hours. However, it has been designed with low power-consuming features. This means after using the unit all night, if necessary, there won’t be a significant impact on your power consumption level.
The unit is powered by an AC cord, and it does not function with batteries. The energy conservation feature is more effective than many other dehumidifier models designed for use in basements.

Smart Digital Control

The system is controlled by a digital panel that has different features. The control features on the panel have been labeled to make it easy to use. The digital panel is visible in dark places because the LED backlight reveals the buttons and functions.
These functions include setting timers for different purposes, which also helps to save energy. Also, the digital panel allows you to set the auto-restart feature and auto defrost function, which prevents the water collected in the tank from becoming frozen. You can also set the system to work in lower temperatures during winter.

Silicone Drain Hose

The dehumidifier features a drainage system and a flexible silicone hose. The system detects water level and activates drainage when the maximum water level is reached. This works with the automated pump.
The auto pump in the drainage system eliminates all traces of condensation in the water tank. This means you can connect the drain hose to a sink in the basement to allow excess water out. Only one drain hose is included in the packaging. It is a long hose measuring up to 15 feet. However, it is durable, so you will use it for a long time.

Detachable Water Tank

The water tank can be removed and emptied or cleaned. It is at the back of the unit. There is a small opening that allows you to gently pull out the tank when necessary.
The tank has been designed to prevent spills, and when detached, you can hold it firmly on the sides while taking out the excess water. Another feature that can be detached is the filter. After a couple of dehumidification sessions, you can remove and wash the filter. It is reusable, so that saves a lot of money.
This standard dehumidifier for basements weighs only a few pounds. The universal wheels make it possible to move it around. The package can be shipped to your location at an affordable price because it is not too heavy.

Additional information



Power Supply



20L/day(30°C RH80%)

Power Consumption


Air Volume

High: 140m3/h; Low: 128m3/h;

Noise Level

High: 46dB(A); Low: 44dB(A)

Operating Temperatures


Net Weight


Gross Weight


Product Size (W×D×H)

335 × 285 × 540 mm

Packing Size (W×D×H)

390 × 330 × 590 mm

Loading Quantity 20’GP


Loading Quantity 40’GP


Loading Quantity 40’HQ


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