• Air Purifying
  • Clothes Drying
  • Auto Dehumidifying
  • Built- In lonizer Option
  • 24 Hours Timer-off
  • LED Display + Soft Buttons
  • Convenient Cord Bracket
  • EU Garden Hose Adapter
  • Tri-colors light report different humidity level
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Control moisture and prevent mold growth with the Deye dehumidifier 40 pints.

As a leading dehumidifier 40 pints manufacturer, Deye offers thoughtfully designed solutions to maintain healthy humidity levels in living spaces of all sizes.

The Dehumidifier for the Room is the perfect way to keep the space you live in comfortable and dry. This dehumidifier is designed with powerful, innovative features to keep the air around you at the optimal humidity level. It has an auto dehumidifying feature, a 24-hour timer-off setting, a LED display and soft buttons for easy control, and a convenient cord bracket for easy storage. It also has a built-in ionizer option to help purify the air and a EU garden hose adapter for hassle-free connection. This dehumidifier also has a tri-colors light report, which indicates different humidity level.

This versatile dehumidifier 40 pints leverages a host of smart features to automatically monitor and regulate moisture. It accurately measures the current humidity level in the room and removes excess dampness until the ideal range is achieved. Fan speeds adjust automatically as needed for quiet, energy-efficient operation.

Integration with the Deye Smart app allows full control and customization. Remotely turn the dehumidifier 40 pints on and off, set schedules, and receive alerts about tank status or operation issues straight to your phone. This connectivity brings convenience and peace of mind.

The sleek, portable body houses professional-level functionality for managing humidity in basements, bedrooms, laundry rooms. Protect your home from mold outbreaks, musty odors, warped floors and other moisture-related problems with the Deye 40-pint dehumidifier.

From pioneering inverter technology to its user-friendly dehumidifier 40 pints models, Deye is committed to developing intelligent solutions for healthy living. Discover how our products can help regulate humidity for your comfort and well-being.

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Accessory Selectable

18mm HEPA Filter
18mm Carbon Filter
3mm Coal Filter
Drainage Pipe 30cm / 60cm / Customized

Different color choices, customized colors are available







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