Hybrid AC/DC Eco Solar Air Conditioner

The Hybrid AC/DC Eco Solar Air Conditioner Portable is a versatile cooling system perfect for homes, offices, and outdoor spaces. It runs on both electricity and solar power, making it efficient and eco-friendly.

  • 100% energy saving in the daytime. Only solar panel drive.
  • AC grid power limiter,  limit AC power from 0-600W
  • AC power mode,  DC power mode, AC+DC mix power supply (AC/DC Auto Balance)
  • No inverter, no battery, no charge controller
  • Full DC-driven
  • Wide operating temperature  (-10℃ to 58 ℃)
  • Long warranty years


The Hybrid AC/DC eco solar air conditioner portable from Deye is an innovative air conditioning system designed to maximize solar energy usage during daytime operation. Its unique hybrid design allows the unit to seamlessly switch between solar DC power from photovoltaic panels and AC power from the electrical grid in order to maintain efficient, reliable cooling.

A key highlight of this air cooler is its 100% solar-powered capability during daylight hours. The unit is fully driven by the DC output of solar panels, providing substantial energy and cost savings compared to traditional AC air conditioners reliant on the electrical grid. An integrated AC power limiter can supplement with up to 600W of grid AC electricity if needed.

Advanced controls automatically balance between solar DC and grid AC power sources in real-time, prioritizing renewable solar energy. This enables self-sufficient off-grid operation during the day. The system does not require any additional inverters, batteries, or charge controllers to function.

Designed for tropical climates, the Hybrid AC/DC solar air conditioner portable can operate in extreme ambient temperatures ranging from -10°C to 58°C. It provides effective water cooling and dehumidification thanks to its large capacity compressor and condenser. Useful features like WiFi monitoring and app control further enhance user comfort and convenience.

With its forward-thinking green technology and generous warranty coverage, the Hybrid AC/DC eco solar air conditioner portable from Deye keeps homes and businesses cool while minimizing environmental impact and electricity costs.

Product Parameters

T3/T1 Hybrid AC/DC eco solar air conditioner portable
Climate Type Tropical</= 58℃ T3/T1 T3/T1 T3/T1
Application area m2 12-20 20-30 30-42
Power Supply AC Power Ph-V-Hz 1Ph 208V-240V/50-60HZ 1Ph 208V-240V/50-60HZ 1Ph 208V-240V/50-60HZ
DC Power (PV in Series) V 80-380V 80-380V 80-380V
DC Power Current A </=10A </=10A </=10A
Adviced Solar Panel Pcs (3-4)*330W in series (3-6)*330W in series (3-8)*330W in series
Rated Cooling Capacity(T1) W 3510(900-3900) 5070(1200-6000) 6450(1800-7900)
BTU 12000(3000-13300) 17300(4100-20400) 22000(6100-27000)
Power input(T1) W 940(190-1270) 1400(220-2100) 1790(300-3200)
Capacity(T3) W 2910 4290 5130
BTU 9900 14700 17500
Power input(T3) W 1050 1630 1940
Rated Heating Capacity W 4100(1000-4500) 6100(1200-6800) 7800(1800-9100)
BTU 14000(3000-15300) 20800(4100-23000) 26600(6100-31000)
Power input W 1170(190-1700) 1770(220-2500) 2290(300-3500)
T1  EER (W/W)/ (BTU/W) / 3.75/12.75 3.60/12.35 3.60/12.30
T3 EER (W/W)/ (BTU/W) / 2.75/9.45 2.65/9.00 2.65/9.00
COP (W/W)/ (BTU/W) / 3.50/11.95 3.45/11.75 3.40/11.60
Dehumidification capacity L/h 1.3 1.7 2.5
Compressor Model / WHP04200 WHP05600 5RD198
Type / 2xRotary Inverter 2xRotary Inverter 2xRotary Inverter
Brand / Highly Highly Panasonic
Indoor fan motor Model BLDC-15W BLDC-45W BLDC-45W
Speed(Turbo/Hi/Mi/Lo) r/min 1300/1200/1100/950 1050/950/850/750 1350/1250/1150/1000
Indoor air flow(Turbo/Hi/Mi/Lo) m3/h 540/485/435/350 980/880/740/620 1290/1180/1070/900
Indoor noise level (Turbo) dB(A) ≤42.5 ≤46 ≤50
Indoor unit Dimension(W×H×D) mm 840×205×295 1080×330×237 1080×330×237
Packing   (W×H×D) mm 920×290×360 1140×300×382 1140×300×382
Net weight/Gross weight Kg 9.0/12.5 15.0/18.5 15.0/18.5
Outdoor fan motor Model / BLDC-40W BLDC-55W BLDC-75W
Speed r/min 880 880 850
Outdoor air flow m3/h 2100 2200 3300
Outdoor noise level dB(A) ≤52 ≤55 ≤58
Outdoor unit Dimension(W×H×D) mm 802×564×323 802×564×323 900×700×337
Packing  (W×H×D) mm 910×622×405 910×622×405 1006×755×418
Net/Gross weight Kg 33.5/37.5 37/42.0 50/54.5
Refrigerant type / R410A R410A R410A
Max Design pressure MPa 4.3/1.5 4.3/1.5 4.3/1.5
Refrigerant copper pipe Gas side/Liquid side (inch) inch  3/8  1/4  1/2   1/4  1/2   1/4
Max. refrigerant pipe length m 15 20 25
Max. difference in level m 8 10 10
Drain pipe size mm 16 16 16
Refrigerant connction copper pipe length m 3 4 4
Connection wire length m 4 5 5
Electronic Expansion Valve / Yes Yes Yes
Loading QTY 40″ Hq/ 20″GP Sets 200/85 160/75 115/50


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