Turbo Dehumidification

  • There is a turbo button that activates a higher fan speed to quickly eliminate odors and moisture
  • Can be pre-programmed to run for hours when needed

Triple Fan Speed Option

  • Turbo mode is enhanced by having three fan speed options
  • Different speeds can be selected depending on moisture levels
  • Speeds are controlled by the remote control

Automated Humidity Sensor

  • Intelligent sensor monitors and displays humidity percentages
  • Guides user in setting operating mode based on readings
  • Shows when normal humidity is restored so unit can be turned off

Removable Water Tank with a Drainage Hose

  • Large tank in front can be removed, emptied, and reinstalled
  • Mounted at height for easy access to tank
  • Alternatively, drainage hose removes water continuously

Automated Features

  • Auto-defrost keeps water liquid in cold weather
  • Auto-shutdown stops fan and compressor after set hours
  • Features activated from the control panel
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The Deye DY-C50DZ is an innovative bathroom dehumidifier ceiling unit designed to efficiently remove moisture from the air in homes and small commercial spaces. At just 22 pounds, this lightweight dehumidifier can be mounted on walls or ceilings, freeing up valuable floor space.

With its sleek, modern design, the DY-C50DZ blends seamlessly into any décor. Despite its small size, this unit packs a punch when it comes to moisture removal. The powerful compressor and triple fan speeds allow it to extract up to 50 pints of water per day, making it ideal for bathrooms, basements, crawl spaces, and apartments up to 1000 square feet.

The DY-C50DZ really shines when it comes to features and functionality. The user-friendly electronic control panel allows you to precisely dial in your desired humidity level from 35% to 85%, while the built-in humidistat maintains it automatically. The 24-hour timer lets you run the unit as needed, and the auto restart remembers your settings after a power outage.

This versatile bathroom dehumidifier ceiling unit also utilizes advanced technology to improve air quality. The anti-bacterial filter traps dust and allergens, while the auto-defrost function prevents ice buildup. Turbo mode provides an extra moisture removal boost as needed.

With its power, efficiency, and smart design, the Deye DY-C50DZ is an ideal bathroom dehumidifier ceiling solution for controlling humidity and creating a healthier indoor environment. This made-in-China unit delivers exceptional value for money that can’t be beaten.

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The fast-drying feature in this hanging dehumidifier makes it an excellent choice for the laundry room. It has many other essential elements that have been added to improve user experience and overall performance.

For homes with smaller-sized laundry rooms, this hanging dehumidifier is a good option because it helps to save space. It has an advanced allergen removal function to keep the laundry room safe for people who may be prone to allergies.


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