Deye has hanging dehumidifier, quiet operation and lower noise, lightweight design, hiding everywhere.

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The fast-drying feature in this hanging dehumidifier makes it an excellent choice for the laundry room. It has many other essential elements that have been added to improve user experience and overall performance.

For homes with smaller-sized laundry rooms, this hanging dehumidifier is a good option because it helps to save space. It has an advanced allergen removal function to keep the laundry room safe for people who may be prone to allergies.

 Turbo Dehumidification

There is a turbo button that activates a higher fan speed. This feature helps to eliminate foul odors and mold spores in the laundry room. The turbo feature is also suitable for quickly removing moisture from the laundry room during winter or cold days.

It is activated by tapping the turbo button, which is located on the smart control panel. The turbo function can be pre-programmed to work for a few hours or longer when necessary.

Triple Fan Speed Option

The turbo feature is enhanced by the triple fan speed option on this hanging dehumidifier for laundry rooms. The fan functionality is supported by a high-quality compressor.

The fan speed selected depends on the moisture condition in the laundry room. The different speeds can be activated by using the remote control unit for this hanging dehumidifier.

Automated Humidity Sensor

There is an intelligent humidity sensor installed in this unit. The sensor is programmed to monitor the humidity level in the laundry room. It displays the humidity level in percentages, which guides the user to set the operating mode accordingly.

By studying the humidity sensor, it is easy to determine whether the normal humidity level in the laundry room has been restored. In that case, the dehumidifier can be turned off to save power.

Removable Water Tank with a Drainage Hose

There is a large-sized water tank that can be removed when it becomes full. The tank is located in the front part of the unit. It is removed, emptied and reinstalled in the system. The dehumidifier is mounted at a height that allows you to remove the water tank easily.

On the other hand, the drainage hose is used to continuously remove water from the tank. This is an excellent option for people who will not have the time to monitor the water tank nearby.

Automated Features

Several automated features have been included in this unit. These features significantly improve user experience. They include the auto-defrost feature, which helps to keep the water in the tank in liquid form during cold weather.

Also, an auto-shutdown feature can be programmed to stop the fan and compressor after the unit has worked for the desired number of hours.

The automated features can be activated from the smart control panel. The portable size of this hanging dehumidifier for the laundry room also makes it easy to select a position for mounting close to drainage systems. It is a reliable model, built to last long and work efficiently for many years.

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