Built in Ceiling Mounted Dehumidifier for Basement

Deye has hoisting center pipe dehumidifier, wall mounted built in dehumidifier for basement ​can full air supply and warm enjoyment.

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Technical parameters for built in dehumidifier for basement

built in dehumidifier for basement

What You Can Enjoy

Keep your room at the most comfortable humidity as you want.

Energy saving feature offers you another way to save money.

Noise low to 43db, provide you with a quieter sleeping environment.

Certification Programs


HK EER Grade 1 (Low energy consumption)


It has a unique design that is best for homes with modern interior décor. The wall-mounted dehumidifier for basement had been enhanced with a large water tank that can hold much water.

The capacity of this dehumidifier is perfect for places where the humidity level can become quite extreme. It is designed to work for long hours to keep the basement dry and safe for everyone living in the house.

The built in dehumidifier for basement is an excellent choice for smaller basements to manage space. The unit features durable ceiling mounts to prevent accidents. The installation process is quite simple. Essential tools found in the home or garage, such as hammers and screwdrivers, are used to complete the ceiling installation process.

Simple Usage Features

All the features of this built in dehumidifier for basement have been highlighted on the display panel. It takes only one tap on a button, and the activated feature can function for as long as necessary. Also, there is a timer that can be used to determine the duration of the function. This depends on how long it is required to run the dehumidifier.

24-hour Cycle Operation

During the winter season or when the basement condition is critical, the unit can be programmed to run for 24-hours. This is a continuous dehumidification process that lasts until the water in the tank reaches the maximum level. The system shuts down to prevent water spillage.

After the water tank is emptied, the operation can continue. The 24-hour cycle can continue non-stop by activating the passive drainage system, which removes water from the tank via a drain pipe attached to the side of the unit.

Easy Maintenance

The maintenance requirements are simple. There is a removable filter that can be washed and reinstalled in the system. The filter should be washed with warm water as recommended. It is then dried and fixed again. Also, the outer casing can be cleaned with a wet cloth soaked into clean water. The cleaning procedure should be limited to using water.

This can prevent the outer casing from fading, which happens when a harsher chemical is used for cleaning. Additionally, the battering in the remote control should be changed often, and heavy objects must not be placed over the power cord connected to the dehumidifier.

Low Noise Level

This is a soundless built in dehumidifier for basements. The fan and compressor have been specially designed to function smoothly. The unit can be used in basements where noise pollution is prohibited. It emits as low as 50 d B, which is adequate for all inhabitants of the house.

It is an excellent source of comfort. The unit also purifies the air and removes bad odors. It is shipped in high-quality cartons, padded to ensure the unit is not destroyed in transit. It comes with a user manual that features easy tips for assembly and how to couple the drainage system before use. We will be happy to answer your inquiries. Please contact us for more information.

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