• Remote control: Allows adjusting settings without accessing the unit in the tight crawl space. Saves from repeatedly crawling inside.
  • Soundless: Quiet 57 dB(A) rating won’t disturb overnight operation. Ideal for continuous moisture removal.
  • Tank capacity: 20 liter tank reduces need to frequently empty and drain water. Holds a substantial amount.
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The Deye DY-C138DZ is a reliable vantage 1500 dehumidifier designed for crawl space and basement dehumidification.

With a substantial 138 liter per day moisture removal capacity, this vantage 1500 dehumidifier can handle areas up to 240 square meters.

This compact vantage 1500 dehumidifier comes equipped with convenient features like a remote control, 24 hour timer, and auto restart. The remote allows you to adjust settings without accessing the unit. An LED display shows current humidity levels. Weighing just 70 kg, integrated side handles make the unit easy to move around.

Durably constructed, the corrosion resistant DY-C138DZ vantage 1500 dehumidifier carries an IP×4 waterproof rating. It uses environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant and requires only 220V of power. With a low 57 dB(A) sound rating, the unit runs quietly – important for continuous operation.

For crawl spaces prone to excess moisture and potential flooding, the Deye DY-C138DZ vantage 1500 dehumidifier offers set-and-forget convenience. This energy efficient dehumidifier can operate from 5° to 38° C, handling temperature fluctuations. 

With its compact size, handy remote control, and powerful moisture removal, the Deye DY-C138DZ is an ideal vantage 1500 dehumidifier for keeping crawl spaces and basements dry.

Model DY-C138DZ
Power Supply 220V~50Hz
Dehumidifying Capacity 30℃ RH80% 138L/D
Rated Power 1850W
Noise Level 57dB(A)
Timer 1 ~ 24h
Operating Temperature 5℃~38℃
IP Rating IP×4
Refrigerant R410A/1.1kg
Net Weight 70.0 kg
Application Area 160~240m²
Product Size (W×D×H) 1,050 × 620 × 465 mm
Packing Size (W×D×H) 1,060 × 630 × 485 mm
Loading Quantity 20’GP 76pcs
40’GP 164pcs
40’HQ 205pcs

We recommend this compact and regular dehumidifier in the crawl space because it is easy to install. The unit comes with its power cable, so you don’t need to worry about finding a cable with the correct rating. Also, a manual instruction booklet contains all the information required to set up this regular dehumidifier in a crawl space.



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