Wall Mounted Basement Dehumidifier with Pump

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Detail of wall mounted dehumidifier for basement with pump

Model DY-C240DZ
Power Supply 380V~50Hz
Dehumidifying Capacity 30℃ RH80% 240L/D
Rated Power 3850W
Noise Level          66dB(A)
Timer 1 ~ 24h
Operating Temperature 5℃~38℃
IP Rating IP×4
Refrigerant R410A/1.85kg
Net Weight 140.0 kg
Application Area 320~420m²
Product Size (W×D×H) 1,085 × 820 × 605 mm
Packing Size (W×D×H) 1,135 × 870 × 630 mm
Loading Quantity  20’GP 36pcs
40’GP 78pcs
40’HQ 104pcs

This lightweight wall mounted basement dehumidifier with pump can be hooked on neat-looking wall mounts. It has a simple design and weighs only a few pounds. No marks on the walls after installation.

The dehumidifier is best for basements where you keep property that can be ruined by moisture. With a continuously operating system supported by a pump, this is a reliable dehumidifier to keep your property and the basement dry and comfortable.

The inbuilt pump removes water from the tank, so there is no chance of experiencing a spill.

Silent operation

The unit works without causing noise disruption. When it is turned on, the unit emits less than 20 Db. Therefore, it is a good option for places where noise disruption is not permitted.

Indicator lights

Designing this wall mounted dehumidifier with indicator lights enhances its operability. The indicators show the level of water in the tank and confirm that the inbuilt pump is active. The tank comes with a detachable compartment which also makes it easy to empty the collected water.

Odor removal

Moist basements are prone to odors. But this dehumidifier can eliminate odors from the basement. The continuous operating system guarantees that odors are completely removed, keeping the basement smelling fresh and comfortable at all times.

The unit consumed minimal power. Which means it will not increase your overall energy bill. Also, it features one general control panel that displays all the needed control buttons. Furthermore, you can take out the filter to clean it when necessary. Cleaning the filter removes dirt that may clog the system and enhances the dehumidifier’s performance. The parts of this unit are replaceable and easy to find in the stores.

It ships to different countries, and the logistics arrangement ensures fast shipping, depending on your location. Overall, this is wall mounted basement dehumidifier with pump will give you maximum value for your money.

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