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Details about the in wall dehumidifier for basement

Power Supply 380V~50Hz
Dehumidifying Capacity 30℃ RH80% 360L/D
Rated Power 5200W
Noise Level 70dB(A)
Timer 1 ~ 24h
Operating Temperature 5℃~38℃
IP Rating IP×4
Refrigerant R410A/3.5kg
Net Weight 235.0 kg
Application Area 420~600m²
Product Size (W×D×H) 1,300 × 1,170 × 600 mm
Packing Size (W×D×H) 1,240 × 1,350 × 630 mm
Loading Quantity 20’GP 12pcs
40’GP 27pcs
40’HQ 36pcs

Considering the need to manage space in the basement, this in wall dehumidifier is a good choice. It comes with outstanding features that offer more benefits. The outer casing has been made from lightweight, durable materials to hand the unit on designated wall mounts.

This in wall dehumidifier for basement is highly effective. It can remove up to 50 pints of condensed water from the area in about 24-hours. It ships in compact packaging that has been designed to protect the dehumidifier from damage during transit.

Continuous Drainage System

Even when it has been mounted on the wall, the drainage system in this unit allows you to connect a drain pipe that allows excess water in the tank to drain away. The drain pipe is connected to external drainage or a sink.

The passive drainage system is convenient because you do not need to stand by to remove the water tank and manually empty it. There are no spills, so your basement remains dry and comfortable while using this in wall dehumidifier for basement.

Noiseless Operation

The fan and compressor installed in this dehumidifier are top-grade products. The fan and compressor are noiseless; the system emits low mechanical sounds confirmed to be less than 50 d B. This makes it an ideal dehumidifier for all types of basements. The soundless operating system prevents noise pollution, and it is ideal for homes where there are young children and pets.

Safer for Residential Homes

The in wall dehumidifier for basements is mounted at a safe height. This means it is always out of the children’s reach. So there is no worry about a young child wandering into the basement to touch the control panel or power cords. It is also ideal because pets cannot become entangled with the power cords. The mounts are securely fastened, which eliminates any worries about crashing down to the ground.

Removable Filter

There will be no need to spend extra money buying a new filter because it is reusable. The filter can be washed when it becomes dirty and reinstalled to continue enjoying its function.

The filter is durable; it can hardly be worn out because of the smart regulatory system. However, to prevent clogging, it is necessary to wash the filter often, about three times a month, or when the unit is consistently used in the basement.

Effective Performance at Low Temperature

During the winter, this in wall dehumidifier for basement is not compromised even when the temperature drops to a low level. It has an auto-defrost feature that prevents the water collected in the tank from freezing.

The fans and compressor can continue working non-stop, and the warm air generated from the rear side of the unit keeps the system running smoothly.

Overall, this is an ideal in wall dehumidifier for basements if you need to save space. It is easy to maintain and portable. This device comes with a warranty and expert tech support. Contact us for more inquiries.

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