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1. Application of Industrial Dehumidifier

Air drying: Industrial dehumidifiers are widely used in valuable goods warehouses, pharmaceuticals, food, electronics, leather, footwear, furniture, printed products, chemicals, tobacco, greenhouse, basement and many other industries. The article avoids the significant loss caused by moisture and mildew. The product has a large applicable area, especially suitable for large workshops and warehouses.

Drying of items: Industrial dehumidifiers have strong dehumidification, and are especially suitable for the drying and dehumidification of cartons, cartons, printed products, wood, medicine villages, preserved fruits, seafood, leather shoes, and other items. It strongly removes the internal moisture of the materials, fast drying, and efficient Energy saving.

2. Industrial Dehumidifier working principle

The industrial dehumidifier draws humid air into the machine through the fan, and cools the evaporator below the dew point through the compressor refrigeration. The humid air condenses into water on the surface through the evaporator, collects it into the water receiving tray, and flows into the water tank, dry air Reheated by the condenser and discharged from the air outlet, so that continuous circulation will reduce the indoor humidity.

3. Purchase of Industrial Dehumidifier

a.Measure the volume of the used space, area * height (after measurement, the area should be converted to 2.6 meters).
b. Consider the humidity range you need. The humidity range for general items is about 60%, and the humidity range for precision instruments and valuables is about 50%.
c. The general storage humidity range is configured according to the use area of 1-1.2 times per liter of dehumidification;
The storage humidity range of valuables is configured according to the use area of 0.6-0.8 times the dehumidification amount per liter;
Of course, the ratio of the area used can also be enlarged appropriately, but the larger the area used, the longer the time required for dehumidification.
d. When used for drying items, the applicable area is greatly reduced, and the method of drying items cannot be selected according to the method of air dehumidification. For specific plans, consult a sales consultant.

4. Precautions for using industrial dehumidifier

a. The temperature range of the dehumidifier is 5℃~38℃.
b. The doors and windows should be closed as much as possible when using the dehumidifier to achieve a better dehumidification effect.
c. The dehumidifier should be placed in the center of the room to achieve a uniform dehumidification effect, and there must be no obstacles blocking the air inlet and outlet.
d. The dehumidifier should be placed flat during use, and cannot be tilted or laid down to avoid machine malfunction or abnormal noise.
e. The dehumidifier is placed in a space where corrosive gas and high dust are not allowed. For corrosive gas, please choose a dehumidifier with anti-corrosion function; used in a high dust environment, please clean or replace it frequently Filter net, at the same time clean the dust in the two devices to ensure dehumidification performance.
f. After the dehumidifier is transported and moved, please let it stand for 4-6 hours before turning it on.

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