Commercial Dehumidifier with Pump

Simple and white & black combination housing make best 70 pint commercial grade bathroom dehumidifier with pump

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Project sites or basements that are being threatened by excessive moisture need to be constantly dehumidified. The best commercial dehumidifier with pump is a great option to resolve such problems in buildings.

The functions controlled using a remote unit and the digital panel enhances the user experience. These simple features for control make it easy for first-time users to enjoy all the benefits of this commercial dehumidifier.

Automatic Inbuilt Pump

There is a high-quality pump in this system that enhances its functions. The pump is powered by the intelligent system when the water level in the tank reaches the maximum level. The pump has been designed with features that allow the excess water to be expelled through the drain pipe.

The smart control features for this pump make it unnecessary to waste time monitoring the dehumidifier while it is working. The smart control features for this pump include automatic restart, shut down, and a programmable timer to control the pump.

Massive Water Tank

This commercial dehumidifier can remove up to 200 pints of water in one hour. This is possible because it has a large water tank. On the side of this unit, the drainpipe is attached to the water tank.

Therefore, it is faster to expel water from the system. The drain pipe is flexible, and lightweight so it fits perfectly in the orifice used to connect the water tank.

Easy Handling

There are handles at the upper part of the dehumidifier. Because of its commercial functions, this unit is often moved from one place to another. The handles make it easy to lift or move the dehumidifier when necessary.

Four sturdy wheels have been fixed at the base of this dehumidifier. Without stress, the wheels make it possible to roll the large sized dehumidifier from one location to another. These simple handling features will help eliminate moisture in spaces measuring up to 4,500 Sq. Ft. or more.

Physical Features

The dehumidifier features an external white casing that has been designed to accommodate the digital panel. Also, it has sturdy handles and inbuilt wheels. When necessary, the outer case of this unit can be cleaned using a cloth soaked in water for a short time. The aesthetic appeal of this commercial dehumidifier makes it a popular option among buyers. And it is designed to function optimally on a flat surface.

Versatile Use

It can be used on construction sites or private residential buildings. The continuous operating feature makes it perfect for areas prone to spills. Also, during extreme weather conditions, heavy rains, or winter, the turbo feature can be activated to increase the rate at which moisture is removed from the area.

The turbo button increases fan speed and the capacity of the installed compressor. This process can also be timed to avoid overworking the system. The unit is shipped with a power cord, drainage hose, and other fittings that can be used during its assembly. Installation guidelines can be found in the user manual included in the shipping package.

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