Best Value Pump Dehumidifier for Mold Basement

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Detail of best dehumidifier for mold basement

Model NO. DYD-X20A
Moisture Removal Capacity 20L/day(30°C RH80%)
12L/day(27°C RH60%)
Power Supply 220-240V/50Hz
Rated Power 265W
Rated Current 1.6A
Air Volume 150m3/h
Noise Level 44dB/A
Water Tank Capacity 4.0L
Operating Range 5°C-35°C
Net Weight 13.0kg
Gross Weight 14.6kg
Product Size 360 × 234 × 569 mm
Packing Size 425 × 275 × 627 mm
Payment T/T ,L/C

Ranking among the top five dehumidifiers for mold in basements, this model can remove dampness from large areas. It is best for small or large basements measuring up to 1,800 square feet or more.
It is easy to use because the automated settings have been programmed to create the best humidity level to eliminate all traces of mold in the basement. That is not all, the unit is excellent for eliminating the musty smells that surround areas with mold growth. It works by eliminating the excess moisture that supports mold growth in your basement.

Effective Mold Control

After eliminating mold in your basement by removing moisture, the dehumidifier can also create a humid condition that causes the spores to wither away. This is how the unit prevents recurrent mold growth in your basement during the rains.
It is also a good idea to detect any leakages that allow moisture into your basement, as that will be a permanent solution after removing mold with this dehumidifier

Sturdy Design for all Purposes

The outer casing of this unit is made from a high-grade plastic-based material, which covers the internal parts of the dehumidifier. The unit is well balanced and movable from one location to another because it has wheels.
The universal wheels are inbuilt and made from tough materials. There won’t be any issues with collapsed wheels while it is in use or being moved. The drainage hose at the back of the unit is flexible and long.
It is flexible and lasts long. The length allows you to connect the hose to a drainpipe to remove excess condensed water from the system. Also, there is a vent that keeps the system working smoothly.

Automated Settings

There is a digital control panel on this unit. It has all the control features to adjust the working settings accordingly. The digital control panel is illuminated by an LED backlight. This means you can operate the dehumidifier in a dark basement.
The settings include auto-restart, which is useful if there is a disconnection from power. Also, the auto-defrost settings can be activated to stop the condensed water removed in the system from freezing.
If the water freezes, the dehumidifier’s functions can be compromised. In addition, the unit has a smart pump that can be set to expel water from the system. The pump is activated when the water in the tank reaches the maximum level. This means you won’t need to sit close to monitor the unit while it works.

Silent Operating System

The dehumidifier works with a silent system. The fan emits a low sound while it works. The dB rating is less than 50 dB. This is ideal for humans in the home. There is no worry about sound pollution while you use this dehumidifier.
Overall, it is the best value pump dehumidifier for basements. The features are easy to use, and it is a durable unit that gives maximum value for your money. The dehumidifier is shipped in a well-sealed and secure package.

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